How to Stage your Home during an Open House

Getting your house in tip-top shape is key when you’re looking to sell it. When you’re staging an open house, your home can’t look the way it always does. Putting zero effort into making it more appealing will send a message to potential buyers – we don’t want to impress you.

That’s a message no homeowner wants to send out when they’re looking to unload their property. Though it may seem that there are more buyers than sellers, truth is some houses can be difficult to sell. So you don’t want to drop the ball when it comes to increasing the odds of a quick (or above-listing price) sale. And that means some cleaning and fixing up for the (hoped-for) flood of people crossing your threshold who are considering buying your house.

How to Stage your Home during an Open House
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Get on top of your home-showing game with these helpful tips.

Get your shower sparkling

Shower doors get grimy and dirty as time goes on. This isn’t something you want people viewing your house to see. But you don’t need to replace the shower door – just get some cleaning supplies and scour it clean. Try scrubbing with steel wool and cleaning it with a mixture of one part muriatic acid and 10 parts water.

Fix the fireplace screen

Most of us are covering our fireplaces with old screens that can get dirty windows. These can stick out like a sore thumb, so get cleaning. Wipe down the dust and dirt from the screen, then use a heat-resistant can of spray paint and, with the windows masked off and covered, repaint the screen to give it a fresh new look.

Balance the bedroom

Your master bedroom should appeal to both men and women equally, so don’t let it be too one-sided. Make sure any items or features that are too tied to one gender instead of both are removed, repaint the walls a neutral colour, and find a neutral bedding pattern.

Get your kitchen appliances up to snuff

Studies show there’s one thing homebuyers are impressed by – new kitchen appliances. Though renovating your entire kitchen for a home viewing isn’t practical, swapping out old appliances for new ones sends viewers a message that the kitchen is new, even though all of it isn’t.

All your rooms a stage

Remember, a home viewing isn’t for people to see how you live in your house. It’s about staging the rooms to appeal to a wide audience of viewers. Make sure your rooms are cleared of any junk and personal items. Paint the walls a neutral colour, and make sure you use nice furnishings to maximize the impact of the rooms. If you think your house requires renovation and you do not have enough money, go for home renovation loan.

Make your bathroom walls shine

Nobody likes to see bathroom walls covered in grime. Dirty bathroom walls stand out in a bad way when visiting the homes of friends or family members, and the same is true when people are viewing your home, so get cleaning. Try using a spray bottled mixed with one part water to one part bleach. This combination will wipe away mold and freshen the walls up.


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