Back To School: College Time: That Moment Your Mom Won’t Be There To Remind You To Shave!

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You’ve been waiting to break free from the confines of your parents house for about 18 years and all the only thing standing in your way now is Back To School shopping. As you and mom peruse your favorite stores like Kroger or Dollar General you begin to realize just how much stuff you actually need. All those things that magically appeared or restocked will now be things you have to think about; toothpaste, socks, groceries, soap, that Schick® Quattro® razor you just LOVE… when did life become so complicated and so fast? LOL

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Welcome to the world of “Adulting” or should I say semi-“Adulting”. Once you have your stuff packed up for school the first day of College is here and you can’t wait to start your new life! But oops you clicked snooze on your alarm, mom’s not here to make you breakfast and OMG you forgot to shave the night before! Can’t start off the first day of school with and empty stomach and bristly legs, right?

Okay, that scenario might sound a tad dramatic but it could be a reality if you don’t make a thorough list of your Back To School Essentials! It’s easy to immediately think of things like backpacks, laptops, etc but personal hygiene products shouldn’t take a back seat.

We’re hoping this article will help you think of a few items that you may have overlooked, after who wants to start college with bristly legs? Especially when that’s supposed to be the best time of your life! Plus you might meet your new boo at anytime. Since Back To School shopping can get a bit pricey we’re offering you a chance at some coupons to help you grab your Schick® Razor, so that’s one less thing on the list!

Here’s a coupon for Dollar General


if you prefer to shop at Kroger or Rite Aid click here!

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We wish you all the best in your next chapter’s of your lives and we’re wishing all our Parents sending children back to school or off to college the best of luck!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schick®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Back To School: College Time: That Moment Your Mom Won't Be There To Remind You To Shave!
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