The Secret Life Of A Workaholic Blogger: Moments When You Almost Forget To Eat!

Ok, I’m here to make a confession… My name is Da Vinci and I’m a workaholic blogger! It’s really funny because I know most people think that as a blogger we just get free things, play around with out computers, cameras and do social media all day LOL. Till now my mother is still not sure what I actually do for a living. I tried to explain once or twice, but I’ve just given up and now allow her to think I’m a failure at life LOL. It’s understandable my profession is fairly new and ever changing, so I’m not really that offended. My mother still calls Facebook “Spacebook” yep… she mixed it with Myspace and came to her own conclusions… hahaha, still I gotta love her.

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Anyway the life of a professional blogger can be really complicated and takes a lot of discipline. I still have to adhere to schedules, granted I set my own, and I still have deadlines to meet. Some days are super crazy and I’ve found myself missing 1 or 2 meals… those are the days when I’m plugged IN! If you’ve ever seen a video gamer locked in, it’s that same look. I’ve spoken to other fellow bloggers and I know many of us who care about our brands work long hours and have to remind ourselves to do the simplest tasks; shower, sleep, eat… etc.

Last week I talked about “my healthy snack emergency” where my ZonePerfect® snack bar from Target came to the rescue.

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But as I thought about it further, I wanted to share how perfect the ZonePerfect® bar is for a busy entrepreneur on the go, busy moms on the go or even someone like me who just gets carried away with work.

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Sometimes I just need an easy to reach for snack, that’s ready made and healthy to get my energy pumping again. If this sounds all too familiar to you, don’t feel guilty or ashamed. We’re all working our way through this rat race called life. And while I do enjoy cooking, it doesn’t hurt to have things in the pantry that make life just a bit easier.

Ready to grab your ZonePerfect® or Perfectly Simple™ snacks?

Get a Free $5 GiftCard when purchasing 3 ZonePerfect® products at Target!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Abbott Nutrition. The opinions and text are all mine.

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