Getting Your Wedding Party into the Golden Age of Hollywood

When planning a dream wedding, many people look for inspiration in the Golden Age of Hollywood. From fedoras to costume jewelry, this classic style has plenty of glamour and style for those who want an unforgettable wedding. When getting your wedding party in the right attire, there are a few details to work towards to truly look the part.

Have a Few Props

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From folding fans to stylish canes, it’s important to have a few props on hand when dressing your wedding party to look like they live in the Golden Age. Although the items may not be needed, they’ll contribute to each person’s appearance and enhance the theme of the wedding day. Make it a point to give one prop to each bridesmaid or groomsman to make the party completely uniform and recognizable.

Costume Jewelry
Don’t be afraid to lavish your wedding party in dramatic costume jewelry. The girls can be dripping in jewels and pearls while the men wear fancy cuff links or rings. The bride might also opt for a real fur stole or tiara to really put her look over the top. The accessories will also create a formal standard for the event to ensure it all looks expensive.

Use Designer Attire
While you may be lucky enough to have authentic vintage wear for every person, don’t shy away from designer labels if not. The materials will be top notch and create that Hollywood extravagance you want. With bridal gown designers like Val Stefani, you can also find a vintage style dress with just enough detail to make it appropriately modern and timeless.

Hire a Few Professionals

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The hair and makeup of each bridesmaid should match their Golden Age attire and vintage accessories. Instead of having the bridesmaids do their own makeup, opt for hiring a professional makeup artist who is skilled with creating a similar look. The artist will likely bring bold eyelashes and dramatic eye shadow shades for a convincing appearance that matches the early days of Hollywood. Hair stylists can also be used to create stunning side-swept hair designs, and classic waves for gorgeous manes that should be on film.

The style of your wedding party should reflect your chosen theme and make them stand out enough to be helpful to guests. Use these few easy ways to dress up the groomsmen and bridesmaids for an authentic Hollywood style that will be unforgettable on your special day.

Getting Your Wedding Party into the Golden Age of Hollywood
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