Fashion Sense: Ways to Incorporate More Silks into Your Wardrobe

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of silk against your skin. It’s cool, comfortable, and its soft texture and beauty can make you feel more relaxed and confident. So why don’t you wear more of it? As easy as it is to love the look and feel of silk, it can be tough to find ways to wear it with your other fabrics. Take a look at some simple ways to incorporate more silks into your regular wardrobe and change up your look for the better.

Silk Pants in the Summer or warm weather

Squeezing into a pair of tight jeans can be really uncomfortable in the middle of the summer. Silk pants are the perfect solution. You’ll feel easy and breezy in a cool, lightweight pair of silk pants, even while the mercury rises on the outdoor thermometer.

The great thing about silk pants is their ability to be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. For daytime wear, pair them with a soft cotton T-shirt and a pair of flats or sandals. For night, throw on a flowing blouse and a pair of heels, and you’ll be ready to paint the town.


Silk Jacket for Layering

Want to achieve a coordinated, layered look without covering yourself in what feels like pounds of heavy fabric? A light silk jacket can be the perfect accessory to top off a blouse and skirt combination or even a short-sleeved jumpsuit.

Choose a coordinating color, like a white jacket over a black blouse, or pick a different shade of the same color for a trendy monochrome look. A silk jacket is a great way to make a summery outfit appropriate for the early Spring or the mid-to-late Fall season. It will give your arms some coverage and keep you from feeling too hot, but you won’t have to feel all bundled up.


Silk Jumpsuit for Smart Casual Occasions

What do you wear when you want to look beautiful and pulled together, but also informal and relaxed? For a luncheon with your book club or going to the movies with friends, a silk jumpsuit is a great option.

Silk can’t help but look stunning, even if the design of the outfit is perfectly casual. With a silk jumpsuit, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you match, and you’ll feel just as comfortable as if you were in a pair of comfy pajamas. However, you’ll look like a million bucks, and you’ll fit right in at any gathering where you want to look well-dressed, but not formal.


Adding more silks to your wardrobe can give you a whole new world of options and eliminate some worries over what to wear in the heat. The next time you spot an awesome sale on silks or search for Nordstrom coupons that will give you a great deal, don’t worry about whether or not you’ll be able to work your purchases into your wardrobe. With a little creativity, some new silk items will fit right in and enhance what’s already in your closet.

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