From Playtime to Bedtime: Tips for Dressing Active Children in the Wintertime

Kids have a lot of energy.  It doesn’t matter if it’s incredibly hot or unbearably cold outside.  Regardless of weather and conditions, kids love to go out and play.  However, their parents know better than to let them go outside without the proper clothing.  Winter time is approaching.  That means now is the time to start taking action to ensure your children are dressed appropriately and warmly.

From Playtime to Bedtime: Tips for Dressing Active Children in the Wintertime
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Kids are finicky.  One minute they feel hot and the other they’re shivering.  To ensure they’re always comfortable, dress them in layers.  That way, they can take a layer off when indoors with the heat blaring and easily put clothes back on when preparing to go outside.  Be mindful of the associated materials.  Cotton, though comfortable, retains water.   So a cotton undershirt can get sweaty when underneath multiple layers.  Also, cotton grows uncomfortable when wearers come in direct contact with snow and rain.


It’s important to keep a child’s extremities extra warm.  That means investing in a toasty pair of gloves, waterproof boots, and ear-covering cap.  A lot of body heat is released through the head, so to keep your child feeling comfortable, get them a hat made of wool or other winter-time material.


Active kids go ice skating in the winter.  Before they’re off on their way, they need a fitted ice hockey or ski helmet.  Like bike riding, some kids may think it’s not cool to wear a helmet.  However, kids need to understand the fragile nature of the skull.  Recently, moms and dads have grown more concerned about the sport of soccer regarding the prevalence of ‘headers,’ hitting the ball with your head to pass, stop the ball, or shoot at the net.  A soccer ball is a lot softer than a sheet of ice!  Moreover, kids need to wear a well-fitting pair of skates that provide plenty of ankle support.


After a long day of skating, trudging through snow, having snowball fights, sledding, etc, kids are bound to get tired and eventually prepare for bed.  Clothe them in comfortable and warm pajamas.  You can find mens and womens footed pajamas online.  Footed pajamas are great for lounging in the house.  Since heat rises, the floor of the home is likely the coldest area, and wearing footed pajamas makes walking inside more comfortable.

From Playtime to Bedtime: Tips for Dressing Active Children in the Wintertime
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You can’t be with your children all of the time.  Unfortunately, that makes them susceptible to the woes of winter, including frostbite.  Hands, cheeks, ears, noses, and feet are body parts most vulnerable.  If you teach children about warning signs and symptoms, they will be more aware of getting out of the cold before it’s too late.  Skin will first become red and swollen, accompanied by a stinging or burning sensation.  If skin does not soon get protection, it will begin to feel tingly and adopt a greyish hue.  Frostbite can happen in cold winds, rain, or snow.  Once a body part gets frostbite, that area is more prone in the future.

Judy Black is a busy working mom and is quite an accomplished seamstress in her spare time. She loves being able to share her ideas with an online audience and her thoughts can be found on a number of different websites.

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