Pets on the Move: Managing Your Menagerie During the Relocation Process

Moving house is a stressful process that requires weeks of planning and organization to ensure the whole process runs smoothly. While you are busy packing up your old home, dealing with moving companies and handling tenancy agreements and other paperwork, it can be easy to forget about the effect all the chaos will have on your pets. Most animals dislike changing their surroundings, and nervous pets will struggle even more when placed in a strange environment. In order to make the move easier on your furry friends, you will need to spend a bit of time preparing them for the journey and also help them get acclimated to their new home.

Pets on the Move: Managing Your Menagerie During the Relocation Process
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Introduce Your Pet To Their Crate

All pets should be familiarized with a crate or travel box from a young age, but it is never too late to introduce one to your dog or cat. Start by simply placing the crate down on the floor, and let your pet investigate it for himself. Place treats or a favorite toy inside the crate to encourage your pet to venture inside. Once your pet begins to feel more comfortable inside the crate, you can start to feed them inside with the door closed or even move their bed inside. Take your pet for short drives in the crate so he can get used to being moved about while inside. Depending on the temperament of the dog or cat, this process can take a few days to a few months, so it is best to start introducing the crate as soon as possible.

Keep Your Pet In A Quiet Room While You Pack

Large boxes, removal men, and heavy furniture being moved can be a distressing sight for your pet, so it is best to keep him safely out of the way while you pack up your home. Choose one room where your pet feels at home such as the room with his bed or food and leave this room until last. If your pet is especially nervous, it might be best to ask a friend or relative to look after him for the day until after you are all packed up. Some animals do not take kindly to strange men traipsing through their home, so it might be safer for everyone to keep pets out of the way. If you need help finding a reliable removal service, then you can visit for help finding a company near you.

Prepare Your Pet For The Journey

Once your pet has gotten used to his crate, it is time to prepare them for the journey ahead. Feed your pet a light meal either the night before or several hours before the journey to reduce the risk of him getting travel sick. Give your pet a selection of his favorite toys to accompany him inside the crate along with a soft blanket. Make sure your pet has access to fresh water at all times during the journey. If your new home is a long distance away, you may want to consider using a pet courier service to make the journey a little less stressful for both you and your pet.

Pets on the Move: Managing Your Menagerie During the Relocation Process
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Help Your Pet Settle Into His New Home

Once you arrive at your new home, resist the temptation to let your pet run wild around the house. Start by introducing one room at a time to ensure he doesn’t feel overwhelmed, and stay close by to offer plenty of praise and reassurance. Transfer your pet’s old bed, toys and food bowls to the new house to help him feel more at home. If your cat goes out alone during the day, let him adjust to his new environment gradually before allowing him to roam free around the neighborhood. Cats can easily become lost in unfamiliar surroundings, so you may want to take him out using a cat lead for the first few weeks until he can safely find his way back home.

When searching for your new home, it is important to consider the needs of your pets as well as your own. If your new neighbor has a large, aggressive dog that roams freely around the property, this could make life extremely difficult for cats. A garden or nearby park is essential for dogs otherwise you may find that they take their boredom and frustration out on your possessions. Finding a house that you and your pets will love will make life easier for everyone, and your furry friends will soon settle into their new home.

Noah Turnbull works in specialist removals and likes to share his insights on how to achieve a trouble-free relocation with an online audience. He writes on a regular basis for a number of different lifestyle websites.

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