3 Ways XFINITY Can Help Tech The Halls With Family This Holiday Season At Home or On The Go!

We would like to thank XFINITY for sponsoring this post and allowing us to share holiday tips for spending time with your family. All opinions are my own.

Now that Halloween is over it’s safe to talk about the major holidays from Thanksgiving to bringing in the New Year it’s a great time to be surrounded by family.  With big family comes great responsibility and compromise but this year you may not have to compromise watching your shows! I keep hearing all this fuss about Google Fiber and as an XFINITY customer I truly wanted to make sure I have the best that’s out there.  So when XFINITY approached me about this sponsored partnership, I was happy to do the research to see if they were truly better, for myself and for you all.   After checking things out, I found out that with Google Fiber, you’re stuck watching your recorded shows at home…and with all this holiday travel who has time for that?  I also found a lot of other reasons why I would actually recommend XFINITY over Google Fiber, but today I want to talk to you about a few ways we plan to “Tech The Halls” with XFINITY!”

3 Ways You Can Tech The Halls With Family

This Holiday Season At Home or On The Go!

1. XFINITY TV App:  The Holidays are the perfect time for visiting family nationwide and that means road trips, plane rides and more.  Whether you’re a big family or it’s just you taking that long trip the Xfinity TV app makes for the perfect holiday travel companion. With the XFINITY TV app, you can watch XFINITY On Demand™, and stream over 75 of your favorite networks live, no matter where you are. Parents, this is great way to keep the kids preoccupied and give you that piece of mind as you travel.  I love being able to keep up with my shows when duty calls or if I just can’t be at home while something is on.  It’s also a great way to keep dad happy when the big game is on and all the tvs are preoccupied. You can access XFINITY TV app on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops or computers. For more information on XFINITY’s TV App or other Apps, click here.

3 Ways You Can Tech The Halls With Family This Holiday Season At Home or On The Go!
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2. XFINITY On Demand: How about a little XFINITY On Demand and Chill? Have a busy schedule or do the kids have favorite movies and shows they like to watch.  With XFINITY On Demand you have access to tons of shows and movies with the click of a button.  You can use it to binge watch your favorite shows or  catch up on movies you’ve been meaning to watch.  XFINITY On Demand will offer you even more ways to entertain family over the holidays. And did I mention with the X1 Voice Remote from XFINITY, you can search for your movies and shows by name or movie quotes and even get recommendations on what to watch!  That’s definitely not an option with Google Fiber.

3 Ways Xfinity Can Help Tech The Halls With Family This Holiday Season At Home or On The Go!
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3. XFINITY Anyroom DVR: Last but not least XFINITY Anyroom DVR is sure to keep the kids and family from fighting over the tv over the holidays and year round.  So that means while you’re on the plane or in transit on that road trip you can still be recording all your shows. With XFINITY’s Cloud DVR, you can watch your recorded shows from anywhere: at the park, on your porch, on the train ride home – wherever you want! XFINITY truly allows you to cut the cord and enjoy a change of scenery.  With all this beautiful weather here in Atlanta and the local scene, I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can! With my  Cloud DVR I’m able to take my favorite recordings on the go and enjoy them from anywhere, and YOU can do it too!  It’s definitely something to consider because you can’t do that with Google Fiber. Don’t waste time trying to get the kids to settle on one show with you or have the hubby waiting for the big screen… now everyone can watch the shows they want to at the same time or you can watch the shows you like on your own! Yet another thing you can’t do that with Google Fiber. The X1 Cloud DVR allows for 500 GB of storage, that means you’ve got tons of shows and movies at your fingertips after downloading.  I know I love recording Scandal, Grey’s, The Flash and many more shows.  Even though I try to live tweet them with you all, sometimes my work schedule may have me miss the live show so I NEED to be able to stay on track lol.

3 Ways You Can Tech The Halls With Family This Holiday Season At Home or On The Go!
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With all the holiday gatherings and fun it would be great to be able to sneak away and watch my DVR’d shows on my tablet, I love having that freedom. So… Life’s I hope you’re ready for the holidays and being able to spend quality time with friends, family and loved ones.  Now you know just how many options are available to Tech The Halls!

Got more questions about the X1 Cloud DVR?  Click here


We wish everyone a WONDERFUL, Safe and Stress Free Holiday Season!


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