The Eyes Have It: Fascinating Facts About Eye Color

If you were asked what the most common eye color was, you might be surprised to learn that brown outstrips blue by some margin.

Most of us are able to recall the eye color of a loved one with ease but despite spending a fair amount of our time gazing into other people’s eyes, there are plenty of us who might not be able to actually say how eye color is determined in a person.

The simple answer is that genes and pigmentation concentration are the prime influential factors in determining the color of a person’s eyes but there are also other influences such as a higher concentration of melanin, which will produce a darker eye color.

This infographic provides an interesting insight into the science of eye color and shows how your geographic origin will probably have a say in what color your eyes are likely to be, as well as your parental input into the equation of course.

The Eyes Have It: Fascinating Facts About Eye Color
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Infographic by LaserEyeSurgeryHub

Amongst a number of fascinating facts that you can discover about our eyes is the revelation that blue eyes only started to appear in humans about 10,000 years ago and on the subject of blue eyes, most Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes but this can change within the first six months of life, when your permanent adult eye color will reveal itself.

Green eyes are still the rarest of eye colors and if you know someone with amber eyes, they will definitely stand out from the crowd, as that is a very rare color to have.

The Eyes Have It: Fascinating Facts About Eye Color
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