Make Sure Your Appliances Are In Tip Top Shape This Holiday Season!

A special thanks to Sears Home Appliances and Services for sponsoring and inspiring this post.

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So you’re ready for the holidays and you have invitations sent out to family, the menus are planned and everything is going smoothly… for now. When it comes to the holidays, this is usually the busiest your home will ever be and it can take it’s toll on your power bill, water usage and even your appliances.

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Think about it, it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner and you’re ready to make a statement but all of sudden your oven goes out or the dishwasher breaks, WHAT would you do? After your panic attack, the answer is to consider preparing yourself before any appliance disasters.  Recently I stopped by Sears to do some early holiday shopping, I was actually in the market for a new dishwasher but I got lost in a maze of lovely appliances.

If you know me well, you’ll know I’m a HUGE fan of HGTV so I’m always thinking about awesome ways to fill my future home and a chef’s kitchen is high on the list.  Anyway, I don’t want to get off track, while I was at Sears I found out about the Sears maintenance plan.  It’s a one-year service plan that Sears provides no matter where you purchased your appliance.  How amazing is that?  Sears is a trusted company so being able to get all of your appliances serviced from one place is super convenient. The best part is the technician will come out to you.  The process is simple; just book an appointment, next a licensed professional will complete the maintenance or tune-up and then you can relax because any maintenance work done is covered by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

There’s enough to worry about in life, but Sears gives you access to a variety of products and services. From appliances, to repair, to parts, to warranties to home improvement, ONLY Sears has the unique expertise to take care of your home. Sears is House Experts for Homeowners.

So… make sure you have peace of mind this holiday and grab your Sears maintenance plan.  It also makes a great gift to pair with any appliances you’re giving this holiday.  And if you’re looking for some great ways to spruce up your apartment or home be sure to check out out list of hacks!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears Home Appliances and Services.

Make Sure Your Appliances Are In Tip Top Shape This Holiday Season!
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