Food and Drink Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Few aspects of your wedding reception will be more important than the food and drink that you serve to your guests. After all, when everything is said and done, your guests will remember the food they ate and the drinks they enjoyed throughout your event; they won’t really remember the décor, what your flowers looked like, or what music was played because they probably will not be paying much attention to those other details. But if you can get your guests to fill up on delicious food and leave with a stuffed tummy, you know you have done it right.

Food and Drink Ideas for Your Wedding Reception
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Do you need some food and drink ideas for your big day? Then continue reading for some helpful tips below.

Go for the Open Bar

Food and Drink Ideas for Your Wedding Reception
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Go ahead and book an open bar if your venue allows for one. And while looking for places for a banquet celebration in Glendale, make sure that they offer an open bar so that your guests can really party and let loose throughout your event.

You can even go a step further and work with the bar staff at your venue to come up with a signature cocktail that can be served to everyone at your event. This will sort of serve as a representation of you and your spouse and your unique tastes.

Create a Custom Menu of Foods You Love

Make sure that your guests have plenty of food to fill their bellies and keep them energized so they can be on the dance floor with you all night, but work with your venue’s cooking staff or with your catering company to create a custom menu that is filled with foods you personally love. After all, even though you need to take your guests’ needs into consideration, you really should make a menu that features foods that you will love to eat on your big day, too.

Opt for the foods that you personally love and that reflect who you are. So, for example, if you are a vegetarian couple, you should have a vegetarian menu during your wedding because you should not have to compromise your values; instead, your values should be exemplified by the tiny details in your wedding reception.

In the same way, if you follow a culture that has some of the most delicious cuisine in the world, make sure you incorporate at least some elements from that culture. This is a great way to bring in traditional foods that your families will be familiar with and that come from their home country, so it will definitely make them happy. Plus, it will give all of your other guests the opportunity to try some new, delicious flavors that they may never have had the chance to try before.

Go for a Buffet or Focus on Appetizers

Food and Drink Ideas for Your Wedding Reception
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Rather than having a sit down dinner during which the catering staff will serve your guests, you can instead have a buffet during your wedding reception. In this way, your guests will be able to get up and get more food whenever they want, and you can also have more food options available for your guests to enjoy, rather than having to stick with one appetizer and one main entrée and a salad in between, which is typical of sit down wedding menus. The bonus is that buffets are typically less expensive than traditional sit down dinners, so this is great for couples on a budget.

Another emerging trend is the use of appetizers to satisfy your guests’ appetites without a formal sit down dinner. Like a buffet, this is a budget-friendly way to plan out the food for the reception because your guests will only enjoy a variety of different appetizers without getting a main entrée. If you like going to a restaurant and feasting on appetizers throughout the meal and filling up on them without having to buy an entrée, this route would be perfect for your wedding.

With these handy tips in mind, you will be able to set up a menu of foods and drinks that represent who you are as a couple and that your guests will deem absolutely delicious. Remember, food is really important when it comes to weddings, so this is not an area that you want to take lightly during the planning process. Really take your time to think about what would work, and don’t forget to enjoy a free tasting from your venue or catering company to ensure they will be able to deliver the food as expected.

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