The Business of Blogging: How To Become A Profitable Blogger

It’s reasonably understandable that you want to share your delights on a particular subject and also want to make some money out of it. That objective will of course get you down to this boiling question, “how to become a profitable blogger?” There are many bloggers who start their blogging websites for fun and eventually start making a living out of it.

Quite understandably, blogging isn’t rocket science. For you to be able to become a profitable blogger, here are a few tips.

The Business of Blogging: How To Become A Profitable Blogger
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Start With Buying A Cheaper Domain Name

Domain name is the dot com web address that your blog would need for people to come to your page online. Domain names are usually available for cheaper rates. Therefore, do your research and buy domains through cheaper, but established companies.

Keep The “About Me” Page Simple

All your readers and contributors have the prerogative to know who the owner of the blog is and who are they communicating with. Therefore, it is imperative to have a small introductory paragraph about you, which will exude your personal and professional self, remarkably well.

Be Reliable

The bottom line of having your blog is to make sure that all your blogs are informative, reliable and helpful to your readers. Your readers should have a reason to read your blogs, and, therefore, you must provide them with high quality of reading information. Do not make a mistake of relying on secondary data such as press releases and magazine articles. Be your own researcher and have your own style of writing. And make sure that you keep your readers in mind while writing an article.

Once your readers trust your articles, they will also trust your advertisers. It is this trust that will help you get more advertisers on the board, which means more advertising revenue pouring in.

Advertise Your Blog

This one in particular is profoundly significant for the overall sustainability and growth of your business. The branding of your blog starts with the kind of name you choose for your blog. Keep the name easy to remember. Also have a logo so that people can recognize your brand when they see that exclusive design.

It is also a good idea to advertise your blog on some of the most popular Australian business directories as there are many people who visit these directories online for their specific needs. As a blog owner, you must only look for only the best Australian business directory Online that lets you advertise your brand.

Of course, there is social media to help you advertise for cheap. Stay present on all of the most popular social media platforms. Being there on these mediums will help you connect with your audience globally. Moreover, it costs peanuts.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the plug-n-play advertising program usually preferred by most bloggers as it assists in running and managing a new blog without putting many efforts. However, the earnings from AdSense can be trivial in the beginning, especially when you have very little traffic on your blog. Conversely, the earnings from AdSense can be really great, if you can derive heavy traffic on your site.

You cannot become a profitable blogger overnight. It takes lots of hard-work, commitment and strong dedication towards blogging to mint good money from it. Knowing and following the above mentioned tips is irrefutably an inevitable prerequisite for becoming a profitable blogger.

Guest Author: Ella Rich

This post is written by Ella Rich. She is an advertising expert, who is keen on learning and sharing her knowledge about listing of small businesses in Australia and Internet marketing. You can connect with her on ellarichMBC

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