Clear Northern Skies: Amazing Stargazing in Mont Tremblant

City dwellers have a lot to be thankful for. They have access to cultural events, bustling night scenes, and a host of museums and public spaces to enjoy. The one things cities don’t offer, however, is a clear view of the heavens. Stargazing is a wonderful way to learn about our place in the cosmos, gain perspective on human affairs, and connect with bygone eras in which stargazing was a significant human pastime. For those interested in traveling or spending time in the wilderness while drinking in the tapestry of the night sky, few places are better than Mont Tremblant.

Clear Northern Skies: Amazing Stargazing in Mont Tremblant
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Canadian Majesty

Mont Tremblant is located in Quebec, Canada, about 87 miles north of Ottawa and not too far from the New York border. Situated in the Laurentian Mountains, north of the St. Lawrence River and the Adirondack Mountains, Mont Tremblant is a beautiful mountain city known among outdoor enthusiasts as a paradise.

The city, which is a permanent home to just under 9,000 people, offers the best of comfort and convenience in combination with the best of wilderness activities. Its remote location makes it a destination city for those looking for the kind of dark nights and lack of light pollution necessary for seeing stars, meteors, and a bevy of heavenly bodies. The city is well-known in astronomical circles for offering clear and crisp views of the night sky.


Living Under the Stars

Mont Tremblant is the one of the highest summits in the Laurentian mounts, standing 2,871 feet (875 meters). At the top is Grand Manitou, a quick service counter that provides beverages and other treats for skiers and sky gazers alike. Those who venture to the resort destination can choose to sleep under the stars, rent a hotel, or settle down in a long-term accommodation like a condominium or even a house.


Special Events

Tremblant is a favorite destination in early August when the Perseid meteor showers put on a lasting show in which dozens of shooting stars (i.e. meteors) can be seen every hour. The family-friendly Tremblant Beneath the Stars even includes everything from night hikes into the mountains to telescope-based tutorials about the sky. Visitors see planets, constellations, galaxies, and even get to monitor the passing of satellites and the International Space Station (ISS). Best of all, the Tremblant Beneath the Stars event is 100% free!

The Best Stargazing

Just a few miles outside of the Mont Tremblant, the skies get darker than just about anywhere else on the eastern coast of North America. Boosting visibility is the clear, pollution-free air of this sparsely populated region of Canada. Special events like comets and meteor showers are a thrill to see in this beautiful locale where every night sky comes alive. See everything from the band of the Milky Way to constellations that you only ever seen in books. Mont Tremblant is, simply put, a star-gazers paradise.

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