Women’s Intimates: Shopping for Designer Lingerie You’ll Love

Women’s intimates have come a long way since the days and nights of whale-boned Edwardian corsets. Those long-ago garments may have been lovely contraptions, but they were also known to be more than a bit uncomfortable. Today’s lingerie makers don’t use whale bone, and modern corsets and undergarments are much easier to wear. In the 21st century, shopping for designer lingerie you’ll love is easy and exciting.


Women's Intimates: Shopping for Designer Lingerie You'll Love
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Before you buy a bra, be sure you know your size. Women’s breasts are known fluctuate in size when measured at different stages of your life, so you might want to take your measurements on two or more days before buying a brassiere. This is especially so for online purchases.

Begin by using a tape measure to determine your bra number size. Wrap the tape over your ribs and under your breasts, and be sure the tape is parallel with the floor. If the number is odd, round up to the nearest even number. For instance, if you measure 35 inches under your breasts, round up to 36. Make a note of the number and move on to step two.

Next, use the tape to determine your cup size. Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your breasts at the nipple line. Again, make sure the tape is parallel with the floor. If the number is two inches more than the first measurement number, you wear a B cup. Three inches more, and you wear a C cup, and so on.

Find a wealth of wonderful bras and undergarments online. If you’re a bra shopper on a budget, you may wish to take advantage of money-saving Zivame coupons and special online sales.


Women's Intimates: Shopping for Designer Lingerie You'll Love
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If you’re going for a sultry, sexy look, stay away from pantyhose. Yes, pantyhose are fine to wear with a business suit, but they don’t belong anywhere near the boudoir. Select stockings with stay-up elastic thigh bands, or opt for stockings and a garter belt. Either way, you’re sure to love the sexy look.

Silk stockings cost a bit more than hose made from 100 percent nylon, but your legs are sure to love them. Go for stockings with seams up the back, and be sure the seams are straight.


Women's Intimates: Shopping for Designer Lingerie You'll Love
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Are corsets the most sensuous undergarment ever invented? We think so. As mentioned above, corsets were at one time cumbersome and hard to wear. Elizabethan corsets were designed to flatten the breasts to conform with the style of the day. Modern corsets are made to feature the breasts in a prominent, uplifted position.

To determine your corset size, take your bra measurements as outlined above. Then, take your waist measurement and measure around the fullest part of your hips. If your waist is between 31 and 33 inches, and your hips are between 41 and 43 inches, you probably wear a medium size corset. Most lingerie sellers offer precise sizing charts that will help you determine your perfect corset size.

Once you know the joys of wearing pretty underthings, you may never want to go back to boring, everyday underwear. Fill your top drawer with lacy lingerie that you love and you’ll always feel pretty, no matter what sort of outfit you wear.

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