Chocolates: 5 Amazing and Dark Secrets 

Chocolates are by far the biggest temptations for many of us; some resist those temptations, and some happily give into them. Regardless of what choices people make, chocolates, in general, are loaded with massive antioxidants that offer numerous health benefits to its eaters.

Quite ironically, chocolates carry a tarnished reputation for themselves. And, most often, they are looked upon with skepticism despite their amazing health and beauty related benefits. Of course, it will be absolutely foolish to believe that all types of chocolates are healthy. It is the dark chocolates as compared to regular milky chocolates that outweigh the benefits. Not only does it have higher levels of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, it also has higher iron levels. It’s got half the levels of sugar and four times the fiber than a milky chocolate.

Chocolates: 5 Amazing and Dark Secrets 
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Here is a list of benefits that dark chocolate offers:

1) Protects skin
Not only does it help heal a broken heart, but also assists in slowing the signs of aging. Dark chocolates are loaded with enormous antioxidants that help in freeing the body from unhealthy radicals, which cause severe oxidative damage to cells.
In addition to that, the flavonoids found in dark chocolates play a vital role in absorbing UV rays, increasing blood flow to the skin, and overall improve skin’s complexion and texture.

2) Improves mood 

Feeling low? Stressed? Go and grab that bar of dark chocolate because it will help you to feel lighter and much better. It’s true and scientifically proven. Dark chocolates act as stimulants for producing and releasing endorphins – a chemical in the brain that makes us feel good and happy.

3) Good for the heart
If a Swedish study conducted on more than 31,000 women is to be believed then, eating one or two servings of dark chocolate each week cuts the risk of a heart failure by as much as a third. Another big and long-term study conducted in Germany found that eating about a square of dark chocolate a day helps in lowering blood pressure along with dramatically reducing the risk of a heart attack and stroke by 39 percent.
So stop worrying and start eating a tad bit of dark chocolate on daily basis for a healthy heart.

4) Helps in eradicating wrinkles
Dark chocolates contain cocoa that helps in reducing stress hormones. Reduction in stress hormones assists in less collagen breakdown in the skin, which invariably creates fewer wrinkles and fine lines. So, it is a good idea to have a small square of dark chocolate to feel calm and see fewer wrinkles on your skin.

5) Good for the teeth
I know it is difficult to believe but dark chocolates are indeed good for teeth since unlike other chocolates, dark chocolates contain theobromine. Theobromine assists in preventing decay by purging bacteria.

It’s no more a secret that money spent behind dark chocolates is not a waste. It is indeed amazingly beneficial. Studies have shown that you need only a small intake of dark chocolate per day. So, don’t over eat, and remember, moderation is the way to go.

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Chocolates: 5 Amazing and Dark Secrets 
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