Be My Valentine: 6 Sexy Gift Ideas for Your Husband or Boyfriend!

Men are simple creatures and if you ask a man what he wants for his birthday, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary I can guarantee you his eyes will light up and you’ll know exactly what’s he is thinking. But gift wrapping yourself is hardly imaginative – even if he would love you to do that – so if you feel like doing something different, here are a few sexy gift ideas for the special man in your life.

A Sexy Massage

Be My Valentine: 6 Sexy Gift Ideas for Your Husband or Boyfriend!
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Giving your other half a massage is bound to be the highlight of his evening, but if you want to make it even more special, tease him by wrapping up the massager in a gift box and then handing him a second gift box containing an item of sexy lingerie you intend wearing while giving him the massage.

Remote Control Vibrator

Be My Valentine: 6 Sexy Gift Ideas for Your Husband or Boyfriend!
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Does your man love to be in charge? If so, buy him a remote control vibrator and let him be in charge of your pleasure. Simple products come in two pieces: a small discreet vibrator and a remote control, but more sophisticated products can be controlled by smartphone apps. Either way, he will be thrilled with the gift and so will you.

Edible Body Paint

Gift wrap some edible body paint (chocolate is always a popular choice). You are the canvas and he’s the artist, but the fun bit comes when he’s finished his “masterpiece” because he has to lick it all off!

Edible body paints are deliciously sexy, but do require some forward planning. If you want to practice your artistic skills at home, throw a plastic sheet on the bed or swap your Egyptian sheets for cheap ones. Alternatively, combine this gift with a weekend away in a romantic hotel.

Promise Cards

Handing the man in your life a gift wrapped set of promise cards might not seem all that exciting, but if they contain all kinds of sexual favours he can redeem when he likes, he is bound to find them enormously exciting. You can include any promises you like, but beware of promising things you can’t (or won’t) deliver.

Sexy Bondage Kit for Beginners

Fifty Shades of Grey has inspired a lot of couples to have a go at bondage for beginners, so if you have yet to give it a go, buy your man a couples’ friendly set, wrap it up nicely, and look forward to an evening of sexy power games.

Let’s Play Dress Up 

Dress up isn’t only for kids – adults can play naughty dress up games too! Most men have a fantasy they would love to act out, and whether it involves you dressing up as a naughty nurse or buxom wench, this is your golden opportunity to make your man’s dream come true. Choose your outfit, ask him to meet you in the bedroom, and let him be the director for the evening.

The best thing about buying sexy gifts for the man in your life is that you both benefit. It’s a win-win situation… We hope this helped you get your Valentine’s Day gift ideas in order!

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