Find The Right Appliances For Your Home With The Help of Sears’ House Experts!

Thanks to Sears for sponsoring this post and letting us show you how Home Experts can guide you on your dream home journey.

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We just discussed how you can achieve a professional looking kitchen with the help of the new Kenmore Pro line.  In the post I briefly went over how Sears offers Home Experts that you can meet with to compare and discuss different options.  To give you all a good idea of how that process worked, we put together a video of my own personal Sears Home Expert visit.  It was important to me to do comparisons of different range options because I know that everyone is working within different budgets and has a different idea of what their dream kitchen or home should look like.  Let me walk you through how you can setup your own Home Experts appointment and then you can check out my experience in the video below.

Step 1. Visit and peruse the appliances you’re interested in. And then go to one you would like more information about.

Step 2. Once you’re on the page of the product you like, go to the lower right corner and click the “Meet with an expert in our store” link.

Step 3. Fill out the information required and select the date and time to meet with your expert.

Step 4. You will receive a confirmation email and possible call from your expert.

Step 5. Go in on your appointment date!

I found the process very easy to go through and the idea of meeting with Home Experts helped me as a consumer feel at ease.  I appreciated knowing that I could ask all the questions I had about particular products I had interest in to my heart’s content.

Check Out How My Sears Home Experts Visit Went!


As you can see we dug into a few different range options and by speaking with this expert I was able to learn about Sears’ payment plan options, maintenance plan options, financing options and much more.  Overall it was a very quick, easy and pleasant experience.

So as you start to put together your dream home plans, just remember that with Sears there are Home Experts ready to help make your dreams come true!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears Home Appliances and Services.

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