Subtle Fashion: What You Need for a More Understated Look

Sometimes less is more, and this can be very true in the world of fashion. If you are seeking a simpler, more understated look in your apparel and overall appearance, consider the following ideas that will have you well on your way to your own unique look.

Subtle Fashion: What You Need for a More Understated Look
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Simple Designs
Bright colors, ruffles, sharp edges, and form-fitting garments have no place in a minimal fashion theme. Simple lines, soft fabrics, a perfect fit, and a simple no-try appeal are what will make this statement complete. Look for soft or neutral color pallets and don’t be afraid to pair neutrals against other neutrals.

Natural Materials
Soft cotton, virgin linens, faded denims, and, in general, fabrics that you just want to reach out and touch or wear for pure comfort are what will help you achieve this desired look. Veer away from stiff materials, shiny or glossy fabrics, and tight, stretchy knits.

Comfort is also a key factor in creating an understated look. The point is to look casual without looking like you tried too hard. Casual means comfort. A favorite pair of jeans, a simple pullover sweater, a soft cotton scarf, and a beloved woolen coat will provide you with a unique and personal style. Avoid clothing that is too tight or is too flowing or loose. You also want to avoid looking sloppy. While you want some comfort in your fabric and design, pick pieces that are well-made and that fit you perfectly.

Natural leather boots and sandals will help you set an overall tone. Conservative colors such as gray, black, tan, and brown work best. Quality sneakers and flats can also do the trick as long as they are made of natural tones and a conservative brand. Spike heels and extra chunky shoes should stay in the back of the closet.

Simple statement pieces work the best here. Choosing a necklace or bracelet with some sentimental meaning will bring even more subtle personality to your look. Try the well-known Moonglow Jewelry line with some your outfits. A moon ring that commemorates a special day in your life with an image of the moon phase that occurred during that time can be a great conversation starter. Effortless layering of these pieces can add even more.

And More
Sometimes it goes beyond what you are wearing. Natural hair, simple nail treatments, and minimal makeup that bring out your best features will all add to your overall appeal. There is no place in this type of statement to flaunt pink hair, over-sized jewelry, too much eye shadow, or patent leather shoes. The entire effect should be one of relaxation and effortless style.
A simple, understated look can be several times more effective than a glamorous, more overdone appearance. You will attract more attention and discreet looks just by being yourself and comfortable in your own skin.

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