Capture Your Baby’s Moments and Keep an Eye on Your Little One with VTech VM343 Video Monitor

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When Sienna was born, we used regular, basic baby monitors. They worked, but I was not a fan of not knowing what was going on her room when she was making noise – Was she crying because her leg was stuck in her crib rails (yes, she had that happen a few times!)? Was she searching for her binky? Or was she just between sleep cycles and about to fall back asleep? As she got older, I started wondering what she was doing while she should have been sleeping. She would sing, babble, make crazy noises… I could only imagine how entertaining being able to watch her would be!

VTech VM343
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Watching Connor sleep with the VTech VM343

The VTech VM343 video monitor is an amazing little device that lets me see just what is going on in my kids’ rooms when I am not in there. Connor isn’t one to play in his crib when awake, but Sienna still does, and it’s fun to watch and listen to the silly things she says and does. It is also nice to be able to watch Connor while we are sleep training him – it puts my mind at ease to be able to see him and know if I should still be going in to settle him down every few minutes or if he is about to settle himself. I can also speak to him through the monitor to calm him down.

Because I have two little ones, I need two cameras to monitor both of their rooms at the same time. One thing that’s cool about the VTech VM343 is that it can expand to up to four cameras, allowing you to see multiple rooms through one monitor. With multiple cameras, you have the option to use split-screen viewing so that all paired cameras show at one time, or patrol mode, which transitions to a different camera every seven seconds. The monitor has a 4.3-inch LCD screen and is pretty nice looking, if I do say so myself.

VTech VM343 camera
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VTech VM343 camera

The wall-mountable cameras are full-color and high-resolution with night vision and 2x zoom, which is awesome enough, but that’s not the coolest part of the VM343. That award goes to the pan and tilt feature – the camera pans up to 270 degrees side-to-side and tilts as many as 120 degrees up and down. This allows me to watch while Sienna is playing in her room, even when she goes out of the original view I have the camera set up for. Love it!

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