4 Tips to Help You Look More Vibrant and Beautiful In Your Life After 25

Look at Will Smith or Shea Vaughn. They aren’t aging! The matter of aging has been an elusive topic for long. Others argue that it’s got everything to do with a person’s genetic make-up. You’re just left wondering what makes some people age gracefully while others just wilt away. Well, you may never know their secrets. However, to stay youthful you should consider these four tips:

4 Tips to Help You Look More Vibrant and Beautiful In Your Life After 25
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Eat well

You are what you eat. Communities around the world that incorporate herbs in their meals and eat healthy foods have the most beautiful skin and maintain their youthfulness longer than you eating unhealthy foods.

Consider cooking: This is one of the others that raise eyebrows. Eating out is fun and saves you time. However, do you have any idea what the chef added to your food. Yes, it looks yummy and exquisite but, the amount of fats, salt and unhealthy sugars added will make you cringe. Start by visiting the grocery store, get the right healthy foods and ingredients, prepare the simplest meals and look young. You will realize the joy that comes with cooking for yourself and family/friends.

Add simple spices and herbs, such as ginger or turmeric. Despite good flavoured food, these two spices are the ingredients to the best Ayurvedic products. They have immense anti-inflammatory effects. Redness on your skin will disappear.

Detoxify: Your body generates millions of toxic metabolic wastes that accumulate in the body and pose danger to your well-being. You might argue that the liver, spleen and Kidneys will clean the body. That is true but they won’t do that for long if you pollute your body with too much toxins. A cleanse is essential. Digestion is enhanced, sleep improves and your skin radiates.

Aside from what you eat, the body generates free radicals that cause harmful effects to the body and particularly the skin. These toxins have to be removed from the body, otherwise, fine lines and wrinkles appear on your skin because the radicals breakdown and weaken collagen.

Most plant products are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. These fight the free radicals. This is why you are advised to try fruit and vegetable juices as a way to detoxify the system.


I know you are wondering. What does socializing have to do with looking young? Well, it does. Checking on friends and meeting with them increases your joy. You exchange ideas, laugh, eat together, go for runs or short/long walks. Doing this increases the endorphins in your blood system. These are the feel good hormones and when you are always happy and smiling, beauty is reverberating. You will definitely look younger. Give it a try.

4 Tips to Help You Look More Vibrant and Beautiful In Your Life After 25
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You do not need to hear any more rantings about this because you know the facts. Working out has many benefits ranging from losing a few pounds (youthfulness will be exhibited), sleeping well, improved memory and creativity to avoiding risk of illnesses. Well, keep this in mind if you insist on looking young and beautiful.

4 Tips to Help You Look More Vibrant and Beautiful In Your Life After 25
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How you look determines how you will be treated. Dressing well means wearing clothes that fit the occasion and complement your shape. A good dress/suit will always make you look younger. Use make-up in moderation and don’t over accessorize. Good grooming is essential. Keep your nails and hair neat and trim. Remember that you will always be judged by how you look. Your confidence levels and self-esteem is raised when you look and feel good.

Ladies, consider having hair-cuts that make your face slimmer and youthful.

Incorporate these four tricks into your life, and they will develop into hard to break habits leading you to look as youthful and beautiful as ever. Keep smiling; you look so beautiful and eternally youthful.

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Sujain Thomas is a professional beautician. She works with a wide range of beauty products. For best Ayurvedic Products, visit her Blog and learn more.

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