6 Tungsten Wedding Bands: A Wide Selection

Wedding rings are definitely the most tangible mark of eternal partnership and endless love. Your wedding ring should be lasting your entire lifetime. In olden times, wedding rings were meant only for women, but in modern times as the lines of demarcation between the roles of women and men became blurry, men started wearing wedding rings. Even today a wedding ring is adorned as a symbol of undying bond and eternal love that cannot really be broken until death.

6 Tungsten Wedding Bands: A Wide Selection
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When the wedding rings signify an emotion so strong, it should be strong enough to last a lifetime. Among all other metals that could be used for making wedding rings, Tungsten is the only metal that never ever gets scratched, never snaps or never loses its luster and sheen. Tungsten wedding ring is an innovative creation of modern science that further strengthens the symbol of love. Tungsten is alloyed with other metals and adorned with precious and exotic gemstones to create wonderful wedding rings that represent a novel frontier of sophistication, style and strength.

Thanks to its strength, quality, and durability, it is quite easy to opt for tungsten wedding bands. They are supposed to be the most durable and longest lasting wedding rings that are available in the market today. You would simply be amazed to find a wide variety of tungsten rings in the market.

Inlay Tungsten Ring

This is actually two rings in one. Consider taking classic metals such as 18k gold, sterling silver or platinum, inlaying them right into a tungsten band. This is supposed to be a perfect and magical merger of the present with the past, the function and form of tungsten inlaid with a classical precious metal. If your preference is for a really modern ring, you could opt for tungsten inlaid with white and black carbon fiber.

Black Tungsten Rings

If you wish to steal the show every time and stand out from rest of the married guys, you must opt for a black tungsten wedding ring. Black is forever in demand and it would surely make you the center of attraction. You could come across a number of styles in your favorite black color, but you would be really spellbound to see two-tone black wedding rings.

Tungsten Diamond Rings

You would be speechless to find the close similarities between tungsten and diamonds. Both diamonds and tungsten are hard materials; they are really durable and are even scratch-resistant. When polished both diamond and tungsten look scintillating. They obviously, look amazing in wedding rings. Diamonds are no longer limited to ladies. Men can wear a solitaire ring and stand out from the rest.

Faceted Tungsten Rings

The most common ring styles are the pipe-cut and the domed style rings. They are simple and classic. You may, however, be looking for something chic and the common ring styles may not fascinate you. Then you could opt for a faceted band that would certainly match your style.

Matte or Satin Brushed Tungsten Rings

All satin bands are known to be brushed, but not all of the brushed bands are essentially satin. Matte tungsten wedding band is also, brushed. Both satin, as well as, matte bands have a brushed finish. A brushed finish gives the bands a texture. Satin has a finer and a lighter finish whereas; matte has a relatively rougher appearance.

Laser Engraved Tungsten Rings

Your wedding ring could have a personal message engraved on its inside. There are many rings that have a wide variety of laser designs typically appearing on the band’s outside. You could buy a fully customized wedding ring.

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