Road Ready: Defensive Driving Tips Everyone Should Know

Defensive driving is one of the best ways to remain safe when on the road. It is a special skill that requires practice, knowledge, and a keen understanding of the roads and driving. It could end up saving the lives of everyone in your vehicle, and other people on the highway. Here are some defensive driving tips everyone should know.

Road Ready: Defensive Driving Tips Everyone Should Know
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Keep All Your Attention on the Road

The first step in defensive driving is keeping all of your attention on the road at all times. Get rid of distractions in the car like mobile devices or media playing on a dashboard screen. Keep music turned down so you can hear outside the car, and do not look down for even a second or engage in intense conversations. This will ensure you are always prepared for anything that could happen. If you need to adjust something, talk or help a passenger, or take a phone call, it’s best to pull over.

Stay a Good Distance From Nearby Cars
The distance you maintain between your vehicle and the others on the road will make a huge difference. You want to be generous with the clearance amounts so keep far more than enough space to stop comfortably at the speed you are traveling. Be careful about the distance to cars on the right and left sides of your vehicle as well. Extra space gives you more time to react during a crisis.

Develop Escape Plans While Driving
You want to always develop escape plans while driving. This means assessing your situation every few minutes to figure out how to maneuver your car to escape an accident if something happens. Try to keep space between other cars and don’t ride the bumper or stay at the same speed as someone beside you. According to Knochel Law Offices PC, this can even help you to minimize the damage or injuries after an accident.

Track Everything Going on Around You
Take note of the vehicles around you on the road and track everything going on around you. Keep a mental map of where the cars are or should be and use your mirrors to confirm what is around you. Situational awareness at all times will let you see and avoid problems long before they occur.

Practice Emergency Maneuvers
A final tip is to practice emergency maneuvers in your spare time. You want to be comfortable with emergency braking, hard turns, and swerving. You can practice in large, empty parking lots. Practice will improve your response time during a real emergency.

Defensive driving involves being vigilant and ready to act at any time. It requires attention to detail and discipline to remain focused while on the road. You should never ignore the ideas behind the techniques. These tips will help you to remain safer when driving defensively.

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