6 Twitter Accounts All Entrepreneurs Should Follow!

Twitter’s 310 million active users make it the world’s second-largest social media platform. With so many accounts to choose from, it’s often difficult to decide whom you should follow. If you’re an entrepreneur, you should start with these six handles. They offer insightful posts that will help your business become more successful.

@MelissaOnline (Melissa Stewart)

Melissa Stewart owns the popular blog She Owns It, which gives advice to female entrepreneurs. Her twitter handle, @MelissaOnline, distills the website’s information into bite-sized chunks so you can learn quickly on the go.

Here are some topics that recent posts from Stewart’s Twitter feed have focused on:

  • Social media tools
  • Email marketing
  • Visual marketing resources
  • Starting a new business

Many of Melissa’s tweets provide straightforward advice you can use to start or improve your own business. Stewart also shares articles that she finds interesting, so you can expect to read tweets about everything from coffee to raising children.

@richardbranson (Sir Richard Branson)

6 Twitter Accounts All Entrepreneurs Should Follow!
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Sir Richard Branson is one of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs. He loves making headlines by launching edgy business ideas. Unlike some celebrity business personalities, Branson knows what he’s talking about. Visiting his Twitter feed, @richardbranson, is one of the easiest ways to learn from this master of modern business.

Branson tends to share a lot of big-picture and inspirational tweets that help like-minded people concentrate on reaching their goals in unconventional ways. For instance, he frequently tells people to stop thinking so much about profits. His business philosophy says that profits come naturally when entrepreneurs pursue their dreams passionately. Follow him if you need a virtual mentor.

@Amway (Amway)

Amway’s Twitter feed offers much useful advice for beginning and advanced business owners. By getting advice from @Amway, you’ll learn about the following:

  • Building confidence to become a better sales professional
  • Finding partners to grow your business
  • Crafting persuasive presentations

The Amway feed also introduces you to people all over the world who have built successful businesses. Read about them for helpful tips and inspiration. Of course, if you already sell with Amway, following the company will help you stay current on its latest products and opportunities.

@AMAnet (American Management Association)

The American Management Association tweets daily tips that can help you run a business well. Not surprisingly, a lot of the advice from @AMAnet focuses on managing employees, but the organization also tweets about the following helpful topics:

  • Attracting top talent
  • Getting attention to grow your brand
  • Preparing for speaking engagements
  • Building relationships in your industry

Following the American Management Association will also alert you to webinars and seminars that encourage you to hone your skills as a manager and business owner.

@matthewtoren (Matthew Toren)

Matthew Toren cofounded YoungEntrepreneur.com, which stands out as the world’s largest social networking site for entrepreneurs. He has also written several books about building meaningful small businesses that can help give you a purpose in life as well as a reliable source of income.

Toren, in other words, is a busy person who’s interested in diverse subjects. That shows in his @matthewtoren Twitter feed, on which Toren tweets about a range of ideas and tips for entrepreneurs. It’s not just about creating companies: It’s also about maintaining a healthy work–life balance, minimizing stress, and using your time as efficiently as possible.

@nytimesbusiness (New York Times Business)

The New York Times is one of the world’s most trusted sources of business news. The publisher’s @nytimesbusiness handle exclusively posts stories for people interested in business. Most of the tweets point readers to stories in the New York Times, but some will take you to articles published on other platforms. If you’re interested in the latest news about the economy, the Fed, startups, and buyouts, you need to follow @nytimesbusiness. Instead of skimming the whole paper, get synopses that will help you decide which stories you want to read.

Twitter is a fast-paced social media site, so you’ll need to visit it daily to stay on top of the latest posts. By following these six feeds, you’ll gain access to a wide range of entrepreneurial insights.

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