Powerful Sexting Advice to Keep Things Exciting

Sexting can be a really fun activity and is bound to get you and your partner excited. Whether you’re sexting for fun with a professional or have a serious partner who you’re looking to spice things up with in the relationship, sending and receiving some sexy texts can be a sure fire way to feel great about yourself and put the spark back into your relationship. Sexting is also a really good way to deal with long distance relationships, as there are so many platforms which you can use to stay in touch with people all over the world.

Powerful Sexting Advice to Keep Things Exciting
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It’s a Two-Way Thing

Whether you’re sexting your boyfriend, girlfriend or even sexting contacts over at arousr.com, it’s important to remember that it’s a two-way thing. If you’re sexting and keeping it very one-sided, it’s not going to be quite as fun as when both parties are fully involved. This could include asking sexy questions, making sure that you answer any questions which are asked about you or even bringing new things into the mix to really spice things up. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about things such as secret fantasies – this is what makes sexting so much fun!

Set Limits

If you’re sexting with somebody who you’ve just met or don’t know that well, setting limits and boundaries is a great way to make sure that you both have a positive and fun experience. After all, sexting can be very personal and intimate, so it’s vital to be respectful of each other and make sure that you don’t overstep any lines. Don’t be afraid to say no to answering questions that you’re not comfortable with, and ensure that your partner knows if there’s anything that you won’t do such as sending photographs or videos. When it comes to sexting everyone has their own personal limits, so make sure that both you and your sexting partner are fully aware of the other’s.

Build Suspense

Professional sexters know the absolute importance of building suspense when sending sexy texts. Rather than diving in head first and revealing all the information at once, send a series of smaller texts which reveal a little bit at a time can really help to create suspense and get your partner begging for more. Going slowly, asking questions, and holding back at times can get you both gradually more and more excited, which can make for a better, longer and much more fun sexting experience. If you’re sexting in a relationship, this technique is sure to keep them wanting you all day long!

Powerful Sexting Advice to Keep Things Exciting
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Playing Games

Making your sexting into a game can be a really fun way of doing it. For example, asking different questions which you both have to answer or making it into a ‘truth or dare’ style game can be a lot of fun and a great way to build suspense and arousal. As you go along, you’ll discover your favourite ways of sexting and could even make up your own sexting games.

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