5 Expanding Career Fields For Women

We may still live in a world with a discouraging pay gap and a sad shortage of women in upper management positions, but women are proving that they do amazing things in many careers. Women are choosing fields because of good pay, flexible hours, and small wage gaps, discovering more and more career options for talented professional women.

Market Research Analysis

5 Expanding Career Fields For Women
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Market research analysts delve into the mysteries of consumers. They tell businesses who their clients are and how much those clients are willing to pay for the things they want. Because of innovations in both collecting and interpreting market data, market research analysis is a rapidly changing field. A number of degrees can lead to a career in market research analysis, including obvious choices, like marketing, and less obvious choices, like psychology.

Software Development

Women have notoriously been discouraged from pursuing STEM fields. But opportunities in the coding fields are growing as technology changes, and more women than ever are calling out the pay gaps and sexism in STEM workplaces. Women who are interested in coding should absolutely pursue a job as a software developer; the more women who join the field, the more companies leave sexist practices behind. Coding positions sometimes come with a telecommuting option, which is a popular job perk with millennial women.

5 Expanding Career Fields For Women
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According to a Forbes report, the number one job for women in 2013 was pharmacist. One of the major reasons why a position as a pharmacist was at the top of the list was the lack of a wage gap among pharmacists. Forbes reported that women made up just over half the workforce and made the same salary as their male counterparts — and pharmacists often make salaries well over $100,000 a year, which is extremely attractive to mothers who want to provide for their children. That’s a serious incentive for you to look into becoming a pharmacist!


Though the competition to get into law school and to get a job out of law school is stiff, the legal profession is a great place for intelligent, analytical women to start a career. In 2013, Forbes described being an attorney as the third-best paying job for women. Job growth for the next six years is average, but top lawyers of both genders make lots of money, and the increasing numbers of women entering the field indicate an expanding career field for women.


5 Expanding Career Fields For Women
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Nursing is a field that traditionally attracts women, which is why a career as a nurse practitioner is a fantastic career choice for women. Nurse practitioners have a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing and are allowed to care for patients without the direct supervision of a doctor in certain circumstances. Nurse practitioners are extremely capable health care professionals who use their clinical knowledge to both treat current ailments and prevent further issues. Since job growth for this field is high, at a projected 31 percent, this is a fantastic career choice for women.

Women all over the world are bringing their A game to these careers as well as to many others. Whether a field is dominated by men or full of women, go for the job you dream of having.

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