7 Ways to Jumpstart a Career Overnight

There’s nothing like the feeling of failure when you career isn’t going the way you wanted it to. After years of education and dedication to a specific field, you’re simply not seeing the results you were seeking when you initially set out on your current career path. Fortunately, every new day gives you a second chance to improve your work effort and put yourself in a better situation than you were in the day before. However, as the old saying goes “what isn’t started today, is never finished tomorrow,” so the first thing you’ll need to do is become an action taker. Once you have your action-taking boots and thinking cap on, here are seven tips you can use to jumpstart your career overnight:

7 Ways to Jumpstart a Career Overnight
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1. Produce a Custom Commercial, Documentary, or Biography

Nothing conveys a professional image like a quality video advertisement, documentary, or mini biography. You want to give people something tangible to watch when they search for your name or company in the search engines. Even though it’s common knowledge that anyone can put themselves on YouTube, most people are still impressed by an award winning video production.

2. Become Active on Networking Sites

7 Ways to Jumpstart a Career Overnight
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When you look yourself up online, are you easy to find and reach out to? You could be missing out on career opportunities by not participating in social media and online business networking. Joining sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others will help you establish a web presence and network within your field.

3. Build an Impressive Portfolio and Resume

It’s hard to compete in any industry when you don’t have a portfolio or resume to showcase your credentials, experience, and achievements. In fact, this might just be the single most effective action you can take to start landing new clients or improving your chances of being hired. Thus, learning how to create an effective portfolio should be at the top of your list of priorities.

7 Ways to Jumpstart a Career Overnight
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4. Add Your Profile to Business Directories

Business directories are great platforms for connecting with other professionals in your industry or local area. Adding a detailed profile and a professional picture of yourself to at least 10 of the top 50 directories is a great way to start. Remember, this is a business portrait, so it shouldn’t look like a social media selfie. When prospects see that you have a wide reaching online presence they’ll be more likely to trust the legitimacy of your proposals and applications.

5. Focus on Positive Publicity

There’s a saying that goes “any publicity is good publicity.” While that might be true for entertainers and other celebrities, for the average businessperson, bad publicity is all bad, it’s that simple. If there are any pages online that hurt your reputation it might be wise to launch a reputation management campaign and focus on getting those pages taken down or amended, while also focusing on spreading positive content around the web.

6. Launch a Website

After you’ve established your web presence on social networking sites, directories, blogs, and other outlets, it would be a good idea to launch your own website if you haven’t already done so. Again, jumpstarting your career is largely a matter of making yourself more visibly reputable, and nowadays having a site to call home is a fundamental step in achieving that.

7 Ways to Jumpstart a Career Overnight
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7. Start Seeking New Opportunities

Finally, once you have all of the above footwork in place, it’s time to start applying yourself by applying for new jobs and clients. After all, there’s a very low chance that someone is just going to stumble upon one of your profiles and reach out to hire you. No, you have to be a go-getter if you want new work, and that starts with applying to every project or ad listing you can find, going in for interviews, using job search sites, and utilizing any other channels you can to maximize your chances of landing a position that will propel your career forward.

Don’t Expect Overnight Success, But Work Towards It Anyways

If you listen to the way people talk about “get rich quick” schemes, you might assume that trying to get rich quick is a bad thing, when in actuality it is the goal of most people in business today. Even if it is unlikely that you’ll get rich tomorrow from the effort you put in today, it is still beneficial to work as if your goal is overnight success, as keeping this mindset will help you stay motivated to do as much as you can within the confines of each workday.

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