Keep A Well Stocked Home With Necessary Supplies: How To Avoid The Oops!

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I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and he was saying that women are prepared for any and every situation. Men often laugh at us for carrying around big purses or buying things in bulk but it’s because we like to be prepared for everything that can come our way, it’s how we avoid the oops lol.  Life can get busy so I try to maintain a well stocked home with all the cleaning, household, and personal supplies I can buy in bulk.

Keep A Well Stocked Home With Necessary Supplies: How To Avoid The Oops!
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Imagine having to use the restroom and you realize you’ve run out of toilet paper, you call out for help… if you don’t live alone…. if you do live alone the situation becomes even more embarrassing but at least there are no witnesses lol.  Anyway, when help arrives they tell you there’s no more toilet paper at home, how horrific! This would never happen in a well stocked home and here are 4 tips for how you can “Avoid The Oops!

 How To Avoid The Oops!

Make a list of things you need before you shop.

Keep an updates list on the fridge or somewhere visible for when supplies get low.

Buy in bulk! Not only will you be getting the most bang for your buck, when you buy in bulk you don’t have to shop as much which means you’ll also be saving gas money and time in the long run.

Shop for supplies online, the online world is our oyster. I know that the thought of shopping and loading up a cart can feel like a chore for some. Why not skip the hoopla all together and just stock up online at, you’ll be sure to find everything you need there and it will be delivered right to your door!

These are definitely 3 major ways I’ve been able to avoid the oops for most of my adult life, lol. If there are ways to make life easier, why not use them?

Ready to start stocking up and “avoid the oops”?

Head over to for all your P&G essentials!

Keep A Well Stocked Home With Necessary Supplies: How To Avoid The Oops! via @YourLifeAfter25
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