Working Moms: 5 Ways to Come Home and Relax After a Long Week

The job of a mother is never done, and finding a few precious moment to relax and unwind may be difficult. After all, you’re a role model, chauffeur, maid, teacher and a friend. Throw in a part-time or full-time job to the mix and the need for moms leisure escalates.

When professional and family demands steal much of your attention, how can you find some time for yourself? The answer lies in relying on the comfort of your own home. These 5 steps can help any working mom to relax after a long week.

Working Moms: 5 Ways to Come Home and Relax After a Long Week
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1. Unclutter your mind and rejuvenate your body
Yoga and meditation, while beneficial for alleviating stress and healing the body, are not the only practices that fall under the mind-body-soul category. Sleep and mindfulness also work (yes, sleep is considered a practice) to increase awareness, energy and memory, while reducing stress. Incorporating a weekend catnap (or two) may also help your body fight inflammation and regulate weight. Mindfulness, the act of focusing on your mental and physical self from an unemotional viewpoint, can help you zero in on the moment.

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Find time for one or all of these activities for a mental, spiritual and physical boost. Does your home lack extra space? No problem! Mindful activities can be exercised while sitting on your sofa or standing by your vanity.

2. Convert a part of your home into a spa
The beauty of yards and patios is the infinite possibilities for turning your home into a blissful oasis. Why not splurge on yourself with a pool or hot tub? As a working mom, you deserve it!

Working Moms: 5 Ways to Come Home and Relax After a Long Week
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A few laps in the pool is a workout and leisure in one fell swoop. And what’s more relaxing than sitting at night, under the stars, in a warm and bubbly hot tub? Companies like Robert Allen Pools and Spas are great resources for designing the right sanctuary for your space.

3. Shake up your routine
Having a daily routine can simplify your life, but it can also make you feel bored and tired. This is why it may be beneficial to shake things up, come Saturday and Sunday. Throwing a wrench in your normal agenda can be as easy as baking pancakes instead of pouring cereal. Do the kids have slumber party plans at a friend’s house? Grab that opportunity for ordering in take-out and marathoning your favorite TV show or Lifetime movies.

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Savoring random moments that differ from the ordinary, no matter how spontaneous or lazy, can help you feel alive.

4. Channel your inner child
Enjoying the company of your children is one of the best parts of being a mom. So, on the weekend, let your hair down and be one of the kids. Turn your kitchen into a finger painting studio, chase them around the yard sprinkler and watch cartoons.

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5. Turn organizing the house into a fun activity
Household chores may not seem like a relaxing activity, but it actually can be a lot of fun. Turn on some music and take mini dance party breaks. Turn the toy bin into a basketball net and take turns with the kids to try scoring two and three point shots. Get the whole family involved and make it a competition; the person with the cleanest, most organized room will get an extra scoop of ice cream on their evening sundae.

Not only are chores inevitable, but they can be time-consuming. Getting the kids and husband involved will speed up the process so you can all spend more time relaxing and/or playing later in the day/weekend.

There are an infinite number of ways for moms to relax at home after a long week. All you need is a little imagination and the reminder that you deserve a splurge.

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