Interior Design Mix and Match: Home Decorating Rules You Can Break Beautifully

Redesigning your home can be a challenge. But, it doesn’t have to be impossible. And, the best part is you can do what you want with it. Unlike a lot of home or interior design, you don’t have to follow preset “rules.” Yes, there are some rules out there that many people follow. But, there are rules which can be broken. Here’s how to know what’s safe to break and what’s not.

Interior Design Mix and Match: Home Decorating Rules You Can Break Beautifully
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Do Not Mix Prints

You’ve probably heard this “rule” before. You’re not supposed to mix prints. Mixing and matching is a surefire way to add some fun to a room. Ikat, leopard, and florals — don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit and have some fun. This rule is OK to break.

Put Small Furniture In A Small Room

You know what? This one has been out there for a while but most people miss it. The logic goes if you’re decorating a small space, it’ll look bigger if you decorate using small furniture. It doesn’t really work. What works is using larger furniture. Now, don’t go overboard. If you’re using products from Applioque, and you want to include a larger beanbag for example, you might want to get spec details from Fombag, but feel free to put a larger bag in the room next to a couch or chair.

It won’t make the room look small, just cozy.

All Chair Legs Have To Be Entirely On The Rug Or Off

A traditional rule says either keep the legs of your furniture all the way on or all the way off your rugs. Well, this is one you can toss out. Like the “don’t wear white after Labor Day,” it’s mostly for stodgy old-schoolers who refuse to give up on dated design faux pas.

You Need A Couch In Your Living Room

Interior Design Mix and Match: Home Decorating Rules You Can Break Beautifully
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You don’t need a couch in your living room. This is complete hogwash. Of course, if you want one, fine. Get one. But, realize that some living rooms are better off without one. For example, if you have a small room, you probably don’t need more than a couple of chairs. And, sometimes, couches can take up a lot of space that could be better utilized with a set of chairs.

Art Should Be Hung

Says who? Traditionally, art was hung on the walls, but there are actually quite a few places to put art that isn’t on a wall. For example, prop a painting against the wall, or on a mantelpiece, or on a wall behind your desk. You could also put one on a bookshelf instead of hanging it. The options are nearly endless.

Clutter Is Bad

Clutter can be bad if you’re the type of person who thrives on minimalism. But, some of the chicest places are chock full of trinkets. Some might call it clutter, but having a lot of interesting things to look at can also be comforting and interesting.

Every Room Needs Overhead Lighting

It’s a huge myth that every room needs in-built overhead lighting. Sometimes, the best lighting is a combination of floor lamps and table lamps instead of a single overhead light bearing down on you.

Don’t Mix Black And Brown

It’s just like a dumb fashion rule that’s begging to be broken. Black and brown match wonderfully in the home. Think of a black lacquer dresser sitting in front of a brown wall. It looks amazing. And, it will probably do you a lot of good to break away from norms anyway.

Every room needs a pop of color. Everyone wants spaces that “pop,” but you don’t need to do it in every room. Sometimes, rooms are fine as they are. Think of your bedroom. You don’t want loud colors in there. Muted is best because it’s a great place to relax, and you want to keep it toned down so you can sleep.

Windows Need Treatments

Interior Design Mix and Match: Home Decorating Rules You Can Break Beautifully
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You have a gorgeous oversized window. The last thing you want to do is dress it up and cover it. So, why subscribe to the rule that every window needs dressing? It’s a rule that was born out of time when ugly wooden windows were the norm. And, you pretty much wanted to cover them all up so you didn’t have to look at them (and for privacy). Then, it became a cost-saving measure. When houses were heated with woodstoves and wood was plentiful, no one cared about saving money.

But, when most homes converted to cleaner burning fuels, cost-savings became a concern. So, many windows (especially nowadays) have to be covered up if they’re older. But, new windows don’t really need coverings. Let them be free.

Eleanor Pearce is a DIY enthusiast who is always keen to get started on the next project in her home. She runs an antiques shop so select pieces from a bygone age often play a key part in her decor, though not in a fuddy-duddy way!!

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