Eye Spy with My Little Eye: Interactive Car Games for You and Your Family

There’s nothing worse than hearing “Are we nearly there yet?” every five minutes from the kids. Most parents struggle with what to do with their children when they’re driving long distances. And, while you could just hand them a mobile device, it sort of takes them out of the family atmosphere and isolates them in the car.

Eye Spy with My Little Eye: Interactive Car Games for You and Your Family
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Some kids need this kind of break, but if you’d rather engage them during the trip, it’s a bad idea. Plus, if you just bought a new vehicle through www.toyotaclearanceprices.com, you will want to enjoy it with them. If you want the kids to be engaged in something so they don’t get bored, here are some fun games you can play in the car.


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Bingo is a simple game. Identify road signs to fill in the squares. If you know the basic rules for bingo, you can play it on the road, modified of course. For prizes, consider ice cream treats or maybe a small gift or trinkets from a gas station. Most kids just like getting stuff. It almost doesn’t matter what it is.

Word Games App

If you’re tech-savvy, this one might work very well for you. Check out just-2-fun.com. It’s a simple word game app with a hidden educational value in it. It’s a game for both kids and parents, because of the nature of it all. It’s a puzzle app, which is rare among car games. And, the fact that all family members can play it at the same time is even more amazing. It involves everyone.

It’s available through the Nook and Amazon.

One Minute Of Words

Give everyone in the vehicle (except the driver) a pencil and paper. Make someone a timekeeper. The timekeeper also picks a letter. In one minute, everyone writes out as many words as possible beginning with that letter. The one at the end with the most words, wins. Prizes can range, again like bingo. You could give out treats, gift cards, or maybe homemade coupons for things.

Musical CDs

Musical CDs can be a great way to pass the time. Brain Beats 2, for example, is fun for kids because it features songs that are catchy and help them remember things they’ve always wanted to learn, but couldn’t remember. With a song, it’s easier to memorize because all you have to do is remember the lyrics. People often find it easier to remember lyrics than they can straight up memorization.

And, with a song you get the benefit of singing in the car. Of course, if no one is a good singer, it might not be such a great benefit.

The License Plate Game

This is a good one for everyone and it gets you familiar with vehicles on the road. It’s even (semi) OK for the driver to play because they’re keeping their eyes on the road.

It’s also a great game for youngsters who are trying to learn their states, letters and numbers. Alphabet learners also benefit. You can start with “A” and look for plates that contain this letter. That’s one way to play the game. Once they’ve found it, move on to “B” and so on. Some letters will be tougher than others. But, that’s the fun of the game. They may not be able to find license plates with the correct letter.

If the game starts to drag on, you can switch to identifying states, numbers, and even colors.

Eye Spy with My Little Eye: Interactive Car Games for You and Your Family
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Geography Game

Take the first letter from the name of the city you’re driving through. Then, think of another place in the world beginning with the same letter. It’s like match game in a way. So, if you’re driving through New York City, think of another city with the same first letter (N). Maybe, Newtown or something similar.

The next person does the same thing, but begins with the letter “E”, the second letter in the name of the city or town you’re going through. The next person after that thinks of a town or city starting with “W” and so on.

I Spy

It’s an old game. And, many people have played it, but not many people do anymore. It’s a great reason to “dust it off” and try it. Simply have one person look for something in sight, and then get everyone else to try and ask questions about the color, where it’s located, and other things until someone can guess what it is.

Sophia Winter is a stay-at-home Mom who freelances to keep the kids in snacks and socks! She writes about living frugally and family life.

Eye Spy with My Little Eye: Interactive Car Games for You and Your Family
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