Save Your Dog’s Joints While They’re Still Young

You’re the one who knows that fluffy member of the family best — right? You know what he likes to eat, what he doesn’t, what his favourite toys are, and how to get him to do that trick everyone loves. Whether you’ve spent weeks or months or years learning about him, spending time with him, and training him, there may still be some things you don’t know. Each dog breed has a specific genetic map that can overrule all other environmental factors to decide what kind of health problems and weaknesses your dog might develop later on in life. Sometimes, purebreds are most likely to develop the issues specific to their breed, whereas mixed-breeds or crosses have a bit more balance in their genes, but more often than not, no one can really say. The best that you can do to protect your pup’s health is to anticipate the issues he may or may not have years from now. And, as with everything, it’s best to start early.

German Shepherds, Newfoundlands, Bernards and retrievers of all kinds are just some of the breeds more susceptible to issues like arthritis. You can’t always change that fate, but you can definitely determine how severe that condition ends up being and how early or late its onset is. Bigger dogs are also more likely to fall victim to aliments like hip dysplasia, elbow disease, Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), Osteochondritis Desiccants (OCD) and other skeletal issues. One thing you can do to ensure that the connective tissues protecting the bones of your pet remain in good condition and don’t get worn down too fast is buy a quality dog bed that will cushion your dog’s joints instead of creating friction. Mammoth Outlet is a company that really knows dogs, and you can visit their website to find out more about how important having a proper dog bed for your dog is!

Save Your Dog's Joints While They're Still Young
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What do we mean by quality? Well, an ordinary bed can postpone some aliments, but ultimately only provides temporary relief, because regular fabrics grow thin and threadbare very quickly. A dog bed designed for real joint support, however, like an orthopedic memory foam bed from Mammoth, is meant to last a lifetime. This sort of virgin fill is the only thing that can truly help to absorb the dog’s weight and distribute it evenly over the surface of the mat. Not only does it become a thousand times easier for your pup to get comfortable, but it also guarantees that no matter what position he lands up in, his joints and muscles will be cradled in a form-fitting cloud that bounces back whenever he gets up or shifts.

You’ll never regret investing in an orthopedic memory foam product, especially when it’s from a company like Mammoth, because they only design and manufacture dog beds, rather than a variety of different things. This means that all their energy is spent in trying to make the right bed for every dog, with the best materials and the more innovative and hassle-free designs.

Getting a dog bed now may mean years more of fetch and Frisbee games in the park!

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