Get Invisible Height Insoles for Visible Confidence

Being shorter than average can often be a disadvantage in today’s appearance-driven society. The entire world seems to be built and geared towards taller people. Even though judging others based on their height, or lack of height, seems juvenile, this is a common and psychologists argue that it’s even a somewhat unconscious habit.

Get Invisible Height Insoles for Visible Confidence
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Certain studies show correlations between height and the following:

  • More success at work
  • Better salaries
  • Dominant personality
  • Higher IQ

However, it’s still unclear exactly why. Many scientists hypothesize that it has to do with the psychology involved in standing tall, taking up space in a room, and looking down at, rather up to, other people. While there are always exceptions, researchers based these results on first impressions. After all, if you always got better service in public venues, more respect in serious situations, and were seen as more attractive by a great majority, wouldn’t you feel different and act different too? Now, there’s a way to possess a fraction of that feeling by purchasing height insoles from Add Height and seeing whether they help you straighten up and see the world with a new perspective.

Most people don’t quite realize how influential one’s self esteem can be in life, and it’s often seen as an issue that varies between men and women. While media outlets do target the size and shape of women’s bodies more obviously, the same sort of patterns also apply to representations of masculinity. Most believe that only women fall victim to low confidence, but, on the contrary, men suffer from height prejudice and bodily insecurities as well. Being shorter can really have an impact on the way they carry themselves, and the failure to meet these standards results in a feeling of worthlessness and even depression.

By giving a little boost to any shoe with the use of a product from Add Height, both men and women can walk outside of their homes without feeling like the negative center of attention. Never again feel like you’re being judged for an aspect of your body that you can’t change!

When boosting one’s height with insoles, it’s important to remember that drastic changes can hurt more than they help. Taking it easy with comfortable, well-cushioned, and removable products (so that you don’t necessarily have to wear them all the time) is important for your well being. When you purchase silicone and memory foam cushioning from a retailer like Add Height, you give your feet room to move and flex properly while maintaining your balance and supporting your arch.

Remember, these are meant to improve the way you hold your spine and shoulders rather than damaging your body. Large, bulky lifts may look sturdy and impressive, but they are not practical because they won’t fit securely or invisibly into all types of shoes. Premium products, on the other hand, will give you enough of a lift to feel significant, but they’ll also be practical for everyday wear.

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