Does the idea of hair journal sound crazy for you? We’ll try to persuade you to start keeping one!

Modern women have a huge number of things they should keep in their head concerning their family, job, household chores, hobbies, to say nothing of our hair routine. It’s impossible to remember everything whether you want it or not. If you want to maintain your locks in their best condition, you should start keeping a hair journal where you can write about the following:

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1. Inspiring photographs

If you come across photographs of people with awesome hair, you should just ignore them! Store these photos in your hair journal. Maybe one day you will venture to experiment and bring your favorite photograph to hairstylist at Hair Salons NY.

2. Details about hair products

Do you remember the name of that product that made your hair look amazingly vibrant and attractive? You probably don’t if you finished the bottle 2 years ago. For this reason, you should write details about your hair products. You can also mention styling products you hated or plan to try.

3. Interesting hairstyles

There are so many awesome hairstyles, which are worth our attention. Unfortunately, we don’t always have enough time to stand in front of the mirror. You can place ideas of future hairstyles in your hair journal in order to remember about them. Consider an idea of dividing hairstyle ideas into different sections such as everyday, fancy, super fast, etc.

4. Hair salons information

It’s a very good idea to write down important information about different Hair Salons NY. Not all Hair Salon are equal: some create awesome blowouts while others are better at hair treatments. So, whenever you come back from an appointment, you should write down a small feedback and consider it when making the next visit.

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