Bon Voyage: Should You Have Your Wedding Abroad?

Jetting off into the sunset can seem like a great idea when planning a wedding but there are many additional things to take into consideration when thinking about getting married abroad. From getting grandparents to the destination to thinking about affordability for friends and family, we’ve weighed up the pros and cons of having a wedding abroad so you can work out if this is the right choice for you.

Bon Voyage: Should You Have Your Wedding Abroad?
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The Advantages

One of the major advantages of getting married abroad is the scope for your setting and the unique qualities it will bring. Weddings can almost become standardized in your local area as people run out of options for venues and themes, choosing to do the same thing as their friend did a few years before. By getting married in a foreign country, you’re guaranteeing that no-one has been to a wedding like this before.

It also provides you with a relaxed atmosphere as everyone that has traveled to the location will be enjoying a few days holiday too. It gives you the chance to spend quality time with family and friends which will probably extend past the one day that you’d get back at home.

Depending on what country you’re looking at, you may also find the cost of things cheaper, allowing you to get the ultimate location at half the price of what you would have had to pay in the U.S. From chateaus in France to private villas in Italy, you can choose a setting that reflects you and is utterly stunning.

Bon Voyage: Should You Have Your Wedding Abroad?
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The Disadvantages

You’re going to have to be aware from the start that not everyone you want at your wedding will be able to attend. Some may have work commitments they can’t get out of while others may be unable to afford to travel to your chosen location, so be prepared to have a few friendly faces missing from your wedding.

There’s also the issue with shipping things to your destination and / or using local suppliers. This is particularly difficult if the venue is a long way away and you’re having to do a lot online or via the telephone, making you feel as though you haven’t got as much control over the tiny details. However, you can buy things in your own country and ship them over, and it’s always a good idea to buy your wedding dress (this marketplace has a great selection on offer) and have this sent over especially to avoid any problems with packing or transportation.

Be prepared to accept that a few things may not be how you envisioned. You may order table centerpieces to find that they look slightly different when you arrive at the venue. Unfortunately, because you’re planning from afar a few things may go wrong but being prepared for these eventualities will allow you to overcome these challenges.

If you are shopping online for venues, hairdressers and so on, be sure to look at reviews and get recommendations before booking so you can be sure that whoever you’re hiring is professional and will provide you with what you want.

Diana Young got married in The Maldives and often writes on the topic of getting married abroad, sharing her own story and her tips on what needs to be done. She writes for a variety of wedding and women’s lifestyle blogs.

Bon Voyage: Should You Have Your Wedding Abroad?
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