Most women adore shoes and especially the process of buying them. Some of them are your best-buys that you simply adore but others might have been bought on the spur of the moment and will only be looked at without being even put on. Men will never understand women’s love of shoes. Women shoes are beautiful and they are a picture of a person’s style. But no matter what style you prefer, next types are “must haves” for every woman.

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Regular sneakers

This type will help you with sport, chilling out with friends or even work. For instance, you can get shoe pair from Clarks for this purpose. Do not forget about the fashion and their look especially, as sometimes the picture may differ from the reality.

Canvas sneakers

These ones are more about being fashionable. They are casual to be worn with jeans for a party or a long sightseeing walk in a new city; another their advantage is that it is easy to get them online.


Espadrilles are the best choice for buying women shoes online. They are just perfect for traveling purposes, especially in the summer time! Such shoes will be perfect with dresses and jeans, shorts and skirts and actually with any type of clothing you have on!

Ballet Flats

Probably the most universal pair of women shoes ever. Ballet flats are comfortable for the weekend and work, any kind of shopping, relaxing, and just anywhere you go. There is no limit for flats pairs as different color and prints make them unique. Moreover, they are very comfortable to take along if you are planning to go out and are not sure that you will manage to stay all night on heels.

Kitten Heels

The most common opinion is that kitten heels are only for elderly women. This is wrong! Every woman needs such a pair of comfortable shoes. The best thing in them is that such heels are easy to buy online. When buying women shoes online you will regularly face the problem of instep, while kitten heels never have such an issue. They are simply perfect for work interviews, affairs and, on the whole, when you need to look official but want to save your comfort.


Very soft and easy to wear. Wedges are great in all seasons and always look effective. If you are not very tall they will give you the height.

Nude Pumps

Have doubts about your appearance? Take nude pumps. They are the most versatile type of women shoes. Pumps will look perfect with any color and type of clothes.

Flat Sandals

Flat sandals like shoes by Taos are the best option for the summer months. Flip flops are meant for the beach or when you are taking a shower in an unknown place whereas flat sandals are just as comfortable and look so much better on your feet.

Ankle Boots

Like leggings or skinny jeans – ankle boots are your type. Don’t like shopping and prefer sitting at home – then buy this type of women shoes online.

Tall boots

A must have for fall and winter. They will keep you warm as well as stylish. Boots can be worn with everything you can imagine. You can demonstrate them wearing a skirt or hide under the jeans.

Rain boots

Like raining days? Buy them. A great way to deal with dreary day is to wear funny and colorful rain boots. They are not only warm but their colors will also raise your mood on a bad day. Moreover, they become more and more popular today and you can easily find these women shoes online in almost every web-store.

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