Two Essential Questions about Chartering a Private Jet

There is no secret that when you start to charter a private jet the final point might seem to be unseen and overwhelming, especially if you have never done it before. In order to help you accomplish the booking process easier and faster we decided to answer two essential questions about private jet charter flights for novices. Read below some of them.

Two Essential Questions about Chartering a Private Jet
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How can one charter a private jet?

If you are only in the beginning of Boeing charter rental or booking process then we advise to deal with an aircraft operator as with an airline, and with a private jet charter broker as with your travel agent. In order to charter with a private jet you can either speak directly to an operator, or approach a special charter broker and ask him or her to arrange the flight on your behalf.

In order to do everything right and flawless you need to make sure that you collect all details about your jet charter trip and hand them to the operator or broker. Remember, that the most important details are your personal information (which includes name, last name, date of birth, passport or any other id number), date of the flight, destination point, preferred time of arrival, and a number of passengers you are willing to book the flight for. In case you want to order catering service on board or special details, such as a wheelchair, make sure to tell about them to your operator beforehand.

After an initial phone conversation, you will be contacted by the operator or broker and get the quote about the possible private jet charter flights available for your request by e-mail within a couple of hours. Carefully review all the offers and consider which one is the most suitable for your needs. After you accept the quote be ready that most frequently you will have to pay the full cost for the jet charter up front.

Do you need a charter broker?

First of all, as a broker on the real estate market, jet charter  brokers also have their commission rates which most frequently equal 7 per cent of the price. But if you think that brokers are always more expensive, you are mislead. Very often private jet brokers have special rates for jets from operators which significantly lowers the initial price of the flight and as a result the total price you need to pay. Moreover, brokers can also negotiate the deal with an operator if needed.

According to the specialists from NovaJet Corporate Charter jet rental novices need to use services of a professional broker because they can help with all details. But if you are an often flier and would like to fly with a specific crew on board then it is better to contact an operator directly.

As you can see, there is nothing hard or scary in booking a private jet charter because the process is almost the same as if you just booked a ticket online.

Two Essential Questions about Chartering a Private Jet
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