Yes Women Drink Beer, And Some Even Make It: Kronos Features Briana Francisco, a beer scientist!

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While women have been fighting for equality forever, it’s safe to say that this is still a man’s world.  As a woman I know that representation matters so much to people that we want to inspire. If it wasn’t for Oprah  and others before me showing me an example of what can be accomplished in the media world, I may not have even felt like I could be who I am today. That’s why when I get to read stories about other women trail blazing in their fields I love to share it with you all and others who may feel inspired to go after their dreams and do what they love!

Recently we shared stories from the Kronos American Worker 1 in one hundred million web series, we love how they do a monthly highlight of everyday people’s accomplishments. This month Kronos is featuring Briana Francisco.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Amazing Ways Today’s Workforce Is Living A Great Life After 25
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When it comes to beer, the first thing people associate it with is MEN lol. But with women like Briana Francisco, Quality Assurance Brewing Technician, at Deschutes Brewery out there… we know that the world of beer is no longer just a man’s world. Briana began drinking craft beer in college after she found herself very dissatisfied with the beer that her friends drank in college. She would opt for a Guinness or an Amber, anything different. Her friends would tease her and call it “boy” beer, and it triggered something. Many of us ladies know that triggering moment when someone says boys only or it’s just for men… but for Briana this triggered inspiration and sent her on a life long mission. From then on, she decided to try anything new and different, and learn about craft breweries, styles and compare them all.

Yes Women Drink Beer, And Some Even Make It: Kronos Features Briana Francisco, a beer scientist!
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Briana graduated from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, with a degree in biology and minor in chemistry and psychology… which is actually a great combination for craft beer! With all the right knowledge and the education to back her up Briana started out in the lab for a malting facility in MN, where they malt the barley that goes into beer. It was after this experience that she decided the world of craft beer is where she wanted to be. Eventually Briana decided to take a leap of faith and made a move to Bend, OR after she found out she was qualified for a job at one of her favorite breweries. Up to the present Deschutes and Bend have become her home, and she wouldn’t change anything!

Check Out Briana Francisco’s, Quality Assurance Brewing Technician at Deschutes Brewery, Story Below!

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The Kronos American Worker 1 in one hundred million web series currently has 20 episodes where Kronos has covered interesting people in the workforce and allows them to share their stories. There are stories from all walks of life, Check out the episode guide below.

Ep: 1 – Firefighter
Ep: 2 – Trauma Nurse
Ep: 3 – Produce Manager at grocery store
Ep: 4 – Union Electrician
Ep: 5 – Hotel Front Desk Agent
Ep: 6 – Restaurant Server
Ep: 7 – Teacher
Ep: 8 – Baseball Bat Maker, was MLB pitcher
Ep: 9 – Major in National Guard, works security for major events
Ep: 10 – Justina Pratt: Safe Start Swimming Instructor at the YMCA, Lake Nona, FL
Ep: 11 – Royce / Alligator Wrangler
Ep: 12 – Shannon NeSmith / Truck Driver
Ep: 13 – Zach Feary Stern Pinball, Chicago
Ep: 14 – Jenny Theuman, Zookeeper
Ep: 15 – Mike Perez, Sous Chef, Hearty Boy Catering, Chicago
Ep: 16 – Jennifer Miller, Retail Sales Associate MJ Christensen Diamonds
Ep: 17 – Tracer Finn, Assistant Head of Lighting, Le Reve – The Dream (The Wynn, Las Vegas)
Ep: 18 – Dana Sue Kimbal, Miner & Environmental Manager, Coeur Rochester Mine (Nevada Mining Association)
Ep: 19 – Troy Mitchum, VP of Security, The Wynn Las Vegas
Ep:20 – Briana Francisco, Quality Assurance Lab Technician, Deschutes Brewery

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