Do Your Kegels: How Kegel Exercises Can Help Both Men and Women!

We often hear the term “do your kegels” but it’s in reference to women only. Check out how kegel exercises can help both men and women improve bladder and sexual health. Laxity of the pelvic floor muscles – one of the reasons the sex life violation, its frequency and quality. US gynecologist Arnold Kegel exercises – a unique pushup to strengthen the muscles of the perineum. It helps to preparing to the childbirth, restore vaginal elasticity of the childbed, to get rid of urinary incontinence, prevent hemorrhoids, uterus prolapse and prostate and to relieve your sexual life, make it more varied and brighter.

Pushup for pelvic developed in the twentieth century by scientists, is done with an empty bladder, and the introduction to the vagina Kegel devices, which allows you to make a necessary resistance during the training.

Examples of exercises:

Deliberately cause stress and muscle necessary to punctuate the slow compression with the same duration of relaxation periods; start with 3-second retention muscles in compression and then gradually increase the strain time to 5-20 seconds;

When control of muscles is obtained, the work on wave-like muscle contraction, performing “step delay” (contraction for 3-5 seconds) into the subject; to ensure that these “steps” each time is increasing;

Perform similar exercises in the opposite direction – for consistently “pushout” the object from the vagina, making several stops (for 1-2 seconds) on each of the “levels”;

Increase the pace of contractions and do not forgetting about the rest periods; perform a number of approaches to a total duration of exercise was close to 15-30 minutes; repeat the exercise several times a day.

Today it has several kinds of simulators to work on the intimate muscles with different levels of complexity of implementation – for beginners and advanced users confident. Devices have different way and functional features: training, with minimal impact, mechanical, trucks, other electronic devices, with additional pulse stimulation and others. They allow women to quickly locate the desired group of the pelvic floor muscles and control their work both during the day and having sex.

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