Breakfast Re-Engineered: Simple Meals That Start Your Day With Energy and Stamina

It is so important to start your day the right way with a good healthy breakfast that provides you with a real energy and stamina boost, and a coffee with doughnut to go just won’t cut it if you want to be at your best.

If you are searching for healthy ideas online, you might want to continue to PaleoHacks for some recipe ideas, and if you don’t just want to know what to eat but also, what not to eat for breakfast, here is a look at what should be in your bowl or on your plate.

Breakfast Re-Engineered: Simple Meals That Start Your Day With Energy and Stamina
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A good breakfast might save on calories later in the day

You have no doubt heard it said countless times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but the reason that it is advice that is repeated so frequently is that there is definitely some truth in those words of wisdom.

The majority of people who manage to start their day with a good breakfast often tend to have better diets overall, and one reason for this in particular, is the the fact that when you skip that morning meal, you are more likely to end up overeating later in the day, to compensate.

When you manage to eat a healthy breakfast, you will often find that your blood sugar levels will rise slightly, but as this will then take your body a bit of time to absorb it into your system, which means that you could avoid feeling hungry again for as much as five hours.

When you decide to abstain from breakfast, you run the risk of encouraging the hormones that are associated with hunger, such as ghrelin, which will result in peaks and troughs in glucose and increase the prospect of overeating at your next meal.

The major issue with this roller-coaster ride when your pancreas is forced to keep producing insulin to counterbalance high levels of glucose, is that you become more susceptible to the prospect of developing diabetes.

Just say no

It is very hard for many of us to resist the calling of a fresh doughnut or pastry, which often seems to be the perfect partner alongside your freshly brewed filter coffee, but if you really want to keep your weight under control, you will have to learn to say no to doughnuts and pastries for breakfast.

Doughnuts are instantly going to contribute somewhere between 250 and 500 calories on average, to your daily intake. Add in the 20-50 grams or so of sugar into the equation and you are going to be riding the waves of blood sugar rises and falls throughout the day.

Other red flag items that shouldn’t make an appearance on your breakfast table, include sugary cereals and even a bagel overflowing with cream cheese or butter, is going to fill your body with too much starch.

This viscous cycle of unhealthy eating will only cause you get even more urgent cravings for refined carbs, so think carefully and just say no to anything that you know is going to be classed as unhealthy when you are making a list of breakfast items.

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Give yourself some stamina and energy for the day ahead

Now you know what shouldn’t be on your breakfast menu if you can help it, here is a look at some items that are considered to be a good choice if you are looking to boost your stamina and energy levels, ready for the day ahead.

You might want to make yourself some Maca oatmeal, if you want to fill your bowl with some super foods that will keep you fueled for a good few hours. Oatmeal allows you to create a warm and satisfyingly filling breakfast, and if you add in some Maca powder, which is packed with a variety of nutrients like amino acids as well as being a good source of protein, together with a chopped banana and maybe some goji berries, you are going to be eating a breakfast that ticks a lot of healthy boxes.

You might also want to consider eating some almond butter toast. The whole wheat toast will serve as a good source of fiber and the almond butter is packed with protein. Add in some superfoods like bee pollen and hemp seeds to the mix and you are likely to enjoy a major energy boost from your breakfast choice.

Take the time to consider your breakfast choices and if you manage to stay with some healthy options, your body will most probably thank you and reward you for the rest of the day.

Tom Hughes went through a huge change in his diet several years ago due to a health scare, and due to that is now a dietician. He is keen to share his knowledge in the form of recipes and diet knowledge.

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