How to Choose the Best Minimalist Watch for You

How to Choose the Best Minimalist Watch for You
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Not every watch will fit you, in more ways than one.  Knowing what to look for to pick the right one involves lots of different things: your taste, what kind of wear and tear the watch needs to handle, and more. Here are a few factors to help you choose the best minimalist wrist watch for you.


Naturally, a high-quality watch is attractive to look at as well as well-crafted. A prestige manufacturer takes more time over each piece, uses high-end materials (such as titanium and quartz) and employs skilled designers who know how to combine appealing looks with durability. Although a watch handcrafted by experts costs more, you’ll appreciate the quality years down the road when a cheaper watch will have already failed.


We all know that, when it comes to watches, you “get what you pay for.” But it’s also true that watch manufacturers want to capture all ends of the market, from the very basic to the ultra-luxurious. Shop wisely, and get the best value for your pocketbook—not just a “status” watch for the sake of bragging! Remember, if the watch should break or be lost, you’ll have to replace it…and you don’t want to leave yourself with no reserve left over to do that, either.


What’s your style? Is it tailored, classic, and traditional, or is it trendy and cutting-edge? Minimalist watches come in a wide range from understated leather and crystal to metallic, high-tech wonders. You’ve got a world of choices available, so look at a lot of different types to find the one that “speaks” to you.

And that applies to those of you who love “trendy,” too. If you have the budget for it and you’re one of those “fashion forward” people who loves being on the edge, you’ll love the way minimalist watch styles keep up with what’s trending in the fashion world. If making a fashion statement is the way you put your day together, minimalist watches with bands in neon colors, updated “retro” décor, and gleaming metallic and “bling” will be right up your alley!

Watchbands and Straps


How to Choose the Best Minimalist Watch for You
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One of the best ways to complement your style, no matter the occasion, is with different straps for one watch. A beautiful leather strap can carry you through everything from a business lunch to a black-tie affair, while a striped cloth or metallic model looks great for casual or club evenings. For the price of these extra accessories, you can truly feel like you have a watch “wardrobe”—and it’s an easy way to stay “trendy” without breaking the bank.


The most visible part of the watch it its face—so choose that color carefully.  The “new hues” may be fashionable now but dated later; the more unusual the design, too, the more apt you are to tire of it quickly. If you’re choosing between two watches and one has a more “subdued” look, odds are that’s the one you’ll be able to wear comfortably and enjoy for years longer than a “trendy” model.


You may not think that the size of the watch is all that important…but it is. Think of a large, chunky watch on a petite wrist, or a narrow band that almost disappears on a person who has large hands.  A watch’s “fit” is made up of many elements, from how it feels on your wrist to how it looks in proportion to the rest of you. Try several watches on as a way of getting the feel for this, and you’ll soon find the ideal combination of “fit” for your build, your clothing styles, and your intended use.


You want a watch that’ll stand the test of time—no pun intended. Look toward sport watches if you’re athletic or love the outdoors, toward more finely crafted models if you spend more time in the tea room than the back yard! You might pay more up front for a heavy-duty watch, but you’ll have a reliable timepiece you won’t have to replace often, either…meaning it’ll pay for itself over the long haul.

Battery Life…and Death

Don’t forget that watches with batteries need more monitoring than those with other mechanics, and there’s nothing more irritating than a watch that doesn’t work because the battery is dead. If you’re a person who doesn’t pay much attention to things like that, think about getting a watch with a long-lasting battery…or pick another variety that self-winds or self-regulates without having to replace its power source frequently.

Expert Assistance 

If you’re awash in confusion about the many options in minimalist watches, don’t worry: you’re not alone. That’s why visiting with expert jewelers and watchmakers is a great investment of your time and energy. They’ll ask questions about how you want to use the watch, your style, your budget, and your tastes, and they’ll winnow through the many choices to find the perfect match for you. Besides…shopping is fun. Right? So don’t be afraid to do a little of it, with some expert help along the way. The pleasure you take in the perfect minimalist watch for your lifestyle will be something you appreciate every day you own it!

How to Choose the Best Minimalist Watch for You
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