Partners in Style: 7 Fashion Statements for Couples

When you and your partner are in public together, you want your fashion choices to complement each other. Without looking like twins, you can select a similar theme or item that stands out. Here are seven fashion statements that are perfect for couples.

Partners in Style: 7 Fashion Statements for Couples
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1. Look at My Feet

Sneakers have become an international phenomenon. Their history has been documented in a museum exhibition. “The Rise of Sneaker Culture” explores both the cultural and social significance of this footwear. Understanding the evolution of sneakers makes today’s styles even more interesting.

Canvas sneakers are comfortable and blend with jeans, khakis, and summer dresses. Besides the obvious solid-colored choices, men and women have the ability to display some wild style. All sorts of crazy patterns are available. To make a true fashion statement, it is possible to customize a pair of these shoes so that they reflect a person’s true inner character. Tie-dye a few pairs at home, buy some paint and channel your inner artist, or head to the mall and create a style that is perfect for you and your partner.

2. Raven Style

“Raven” style is inspired by dark romance from the Victorian era and makes a dramatic statement for couples. Clothing pieces are ornate and include accents from a bygone time in history. For instance, flocked velvet fabric, delicate lace, and heavy tapestries create this extravagant style.

To achieve this look as a duo, select pieces with rich patterns and textures. A woman can wear a maxi dress and a cape with accessories that include feathers, clustered jewelry, and lace-up boots. Her partner may consider black-on-black styling. Black pants, a black shirt, and a long duster coat will work well.

3. Denim Makes a Difference

Both men and women can make fashion statements in denim. Since this material can be dressed up or down, it is quite versatile. To stand out as a couple, it is important to choose a similar fit and finish. Having fun embellishments is sure to get you noticed. Extreme distressing and patchwork patterns are current trends. Patches are great ways to personalize the clothing as well. Couples can decorate jean jackets or pants with pins, iron-ons, or customized embroidery.

To make sure that all eyes are on the denim, it is wise to keep your shirts and undershirts simple. Try to find men’s undershirts with a stylish, tight, long fit. Thanks to their tailored cut, they will remain in place and hug your bodies so that you never have to worry about the unsightly look of boxy shirts, which feel messy and detract from your overall appearances.

4. We are Trail-Blazers

Old stiff suit blazers are fine for the office. However, you and your partner can define your style with more modern jackets. Patterned blazers can be fun. Even though you may think that they are hard to accessorize, they can become the centerpieces for your look.

The key to styling an ornate blazer is keeping other clothing pieces subdued. However, when it comes to finishing touches, do not be afraid to go bold. For instance, a man can wear a chunky watch and a bright pocket square, and a woman can decorate the jacket with a large pin and colorful ascot.

5. School is Cool

A collegiate style takes a couple back to the mindset of school. Whether a duo graduated high school together or met in college, this type of fashion will make a statement.

It is not necessary to drag out your old letterman jacket or cheerleading uniform. The best way to create an updated look is by blending tweed and shearling fabrics, team logos, and number graphics. A man can wear a color-block polo with a leather-sleeved jacket. His partner can wear an oversized V-neck sweater and track pants.

Partners in Style: 7 Fashion Statements for Couples
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6. We are Weekend Chic

When you are spending an autumn afternoon in the city or are enjoying a Sunday morning brunch by the lake, you can make a couple’s style statement with a “Weekender” look. This type of style is all about calm and cozy fashion choices. You and your partner should stick to a neutral color palette filled with darker tones of brown and green. Both of you can wear cashmere sweaters and corduroy pants. A man can accessorize with a beanie, and a woman can wear an infinity scarf or oversized blanket coat.

7. Fashion and Science are Related

Working in a science lab requires a person to wear a white coat or scrubs. To make a fashion statement, you and your partner can play off this idea and wear matching minimalistic clothing piece. For example, both of you can layer tailored separates, including crisp white shirts. Other items should be tactile and neutral in color. Faux reptile skin and burnout materials will add dimension as well. Construction of your garments should contain panels or tuck folds, and accessories are not necessary. This provides a clinical appearance.

Recently, there has been a movement toward gender-neutral wardrobes. The above ideas will help you and your significant other become partners in style and make a fashion statement as a couple. You will be sure to turn heads and complement each other.

Anica is a professional content and copywriter who graduated from the University of San Francisco. She loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. She was raised in a big family, so she’s used to putting things to a vote. Also, cartwheels are her specialty. You can connect with Anica here. If you are on the lookout for men’s undershirts, Anica suggests you check out the quality undershirts offered by Underfit.

Partners in Style: 7 Fashion Statements for Couples
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