Mom on the Move: How to Advance Your Career at Home

If you’ve decided to stay home and take care of your children and raise a family, you may be faced with the challenge of advancing your career while being a full-time mom. Doing your daily tasks at home is more than a full-time job, so adding schooling or a home-based career on top can be downright difficult. These practical tips can help you flourish professionally while staying home with your kids. Use them to your advantage as you move forward from home.

Mom on the Move: How to Advance Your Career at Home
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Practice Time Management

Getting the kids ready for school, keeping the house clean, and managing the day-to-day activities of your home is a full-time job. Scheduling in time that you’ll work is crucial, and it shows your family that you prioritize your career and want to be a great professional as well as an awesome mom. There are several positions out there these days that understand how busy your life is as a mom can be. Employers for these companies will work with your schedule to increase your chances of success. Check out different options for scheduling that are more flexible and make sure you can commit to the time you need to get everything done.

Continue to Work in Your Field

Use the professional skills that you already have to advance your career at home. If you have technical or office experience, online-based outsourcing companies like Upwork have freelance jobs that you can take on to showcase your skills and create your own schedule. You can even name your prices and determine the best ways to communicate with clients. If you have teaching experience, you can take on tutoring jobs in person or online. You can even work with families that have several children and conduct homework sessions while your baby is napping. There are also a number of online sales positions available. You can work with companies like Mary Kay or Avon, or sell jewelry and accessories through companies like Stella and Dot. Positions like this allow you to explore your love for fashion while advancing your sales skills.

Pursue Your Education

There are several degree programs available online which allow you to take care of your children while moving your career forward at your own pace. Getting an online bachelor of nursing in Florida or another online school can assist you in your health care professional goals, especially if you’ve already worked in a doctor’s office. You can also get a business administration degree and learn how to be your own boss from home as well. More education can improve your position and give you a better option for working from home.

Start Your Own Business

After you’ve gained experience and more education, you may want to start a business of your own. Being a mom and an entrepreneur allows you to make money on your own terms and you can literally take your children to work with you each day. Grants are available for mothers who are also businesswomen as well.

When you take control of your career as a stay-at-home mom, you’ll be setting a great example for your children about prioritizing family and work. You’ll also be increasing your chances of being there for all your child’s important milestones. Good luck!

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