4 Tips On Bathroom Renovations with Minimal Fuss

When it comes to bathroom renovation, there are a lot of facts you must consider. You should browse through some ideas via books and magazines, while taking suggestions from friends. The renovation can take up to a few weeks or months, depending on factors like changing the tiles, refurbishing the floor or even installing a new cubicle. So, here are some cool ideas to minimize the fuss and make sure that you get your dream bathroom, without spending a fortune too.


4 Tips On Bathroom Renovations with Minimal Fuss
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What options should I consider?

  • Decide a Budget: Before starting off with your bathroom renovation, it is best to make an estimate plan, what kind of renovation you want, etc. Firstly, work on an approximate budget plan that suits your needs. This way, you know exactly the kind of products you can afford and so you can pick faucets, screens, etc., work out the labor cost and other similar factors.
  • Outsource or in-house job: The next step here would be to consider if you want to outsource the entire project or hire local experts. These days, you can easily see a bathroom design online and take a printout. You can show these to your local carpenter or plumber. He/ she would take care of the entire plumbing line, including your shower, faucets, flooring, etc. You can also hire interior designers, who may cost a bit more. But they would manage everything for you starting with hiring labor, execution of the tasks and responsibility of completing the project on time.

So think about whether you actually want to hire a professional to take care of end-to-end to aspects for you, or do you want to be in charge of a few things yourself.

Evaluate your space

The next aspect here is to evaluate the kind of space you have. Any type of bathroom renovation should be focused on ensuring that you are maximizing the use of space. To a great extent, what happens here is that individuals are unable to optimize or use up available space, which is a total waste! Especially, with compact and contemporary bathrooms that is the last thing that you want. Here are some tips that could be helpful-

  • Get a curved rod for your bathroom shower space. This helps in creating more depth and thus helps you get a little extra room in the shower, without losing out on extra space.
  • Besides this, consider how to maximize the use of the cabinets during the bathroom renovation. Try and opt for higher cabinets too for stocking basics that are not needed frequently but are still accessible to you.

Tiling needs

Also consider your tiling needs. The tiles should be able to provide some depth and add to the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom too. These days, most people prefer using tiles on the wall as this prevents damping and water leakage issues.



4 Tips On Bathroom Renovations with Minimal Fuss
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Also, when working or considering about your bathroom renovation, lighting is quite important too. If you have ample daylight coming in, then you are sorted. What you can do here is opt for glass windows that allow light to come inside but offer enough privacy too. But if your bathroom is a bit dingy and there’s very little light coming through, you can consider LED. In particular, this makes sense so that you can double it as a dressing space.

Based on these above-listed factors, consider the type of bathroom you have in mind and whether it would actually serve a feasible purpose in real life. Do consider the budget and other practical implications when opting for bathroom renovation.

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