6 Important Things to Do While Buying Homeowners’ Insurance

Often you tend to wonder if you have made the right choice. Most of the times, you are skeptical about your investment decisions and financial planning. You surely wish to make the right decision so that your hard-earned money does not go to a total waste. When natural disasters such as earthquakes destroy your costly tile roof or when a burglary takes place and the vintage gold earrings of your grandma are gone, you would certainly be regretting not opting for homeowners’ insurance policy before. An appropriate homeowners’ insurance policy would have easily covered such a loss. Homeowners’ insurance is definitely not a luxury but certainly a necessity for covering all the risks related to the loss of property or valuables.

6 Important Things to Do While Buying Homeowners’ Insurance
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How to Obtain a Homeowners’ Insurance

It is a great idea to explore the market if you are thinking of a suitable homeowners’ insurance policy. You need to look around and identify the best deal by comparing various homeowners’ insurance options. Homeowners’ insurance policy is usually, a long-term contract extending over a period of ten years or even more. It is very problematic to make modifications or amend agreements and contracts while the policy term is on.

That is why, before making the final choice, you must spend some time to do ample research and find out what exactly the policy is offering, exclusion and inclusions too. You must do enough looking around before choosing the best available deal so that you do not end up regretting your decision later on.

Nobody likes the idea of investing in a homeowners’ insurance but everybody would really regret it if there is no home insurance policy. The actual coverage is not for market value but for replacement costs. Premiums are very much on the rise because of the weather associated losses.

Ensure 100% Replacement Cost

In the case of a mortgage, the bank would be insisting that you opt for coverage for full 100% replacement cost of your home. If you wish to rebuild your home post a major disaster or loss even though, no mortgage is present, it is highly recommended. Replacement cost is surely not the present market value of your home; it is supposed to be the actual cost of completely rebuilding your home in the eventuality of a complete loss.

Inflation Guard Required

In order to counterbalance cost overruns, you must insist on inflation guard. This is effective in decreasing the structure coverage by a percentage always at the time of each policy renewal. You could consider adding coverage for ensuring that when you rebuild the home, it would be built in accordance with the present code by including ordinance law coverage. With some insurance firms, you could even add replacement cost along with a percentage accounting for probable cost overruns. Coverage is known to vary from one company to another. It is important to discuss, work and coordinate with your agent to ensure that your homeowners’ insurance policy would make you as complete as possible in case you are confronted with a total loss.

Insist on a High Deductible

Remember your homeowners’ policy certainly is not to be treated as a repair policy. It is for covering you when there is a catastrophic event like a hurricane, fire or a tree falling and destroying your home. The latest minimum deductible is around $1000. People belonging to the higher income bracket should insist on at least $2500 deductible.

Talk Directly to Your Agent

You should not rely on phone conversations while getting a homeowners’ insurance policy. Your agent must visit you and explore the potential possibilities for loss. He must assess if there are any hazards. He should examine the property and recommend ways to make your property safer. An agent never comes to your home to examine your housekeeping skills or lifestyle. He eliminates all reasons if any, that a company could use against you and deny payment of your claim.

Ensure Most Liability Coverage

A homeowner’s policy is actually a package. It is supposed to include your home’s structure, all your stuff and of course, a liability which covers anyone who comes on your property. Most standard homeowners’ insurance policies are known to have a fixed base liability limit of $100,000. The maximum would be $500,000. Premium difference, in this case, would be tens of dollars every year. You must opt for the higher coverage. Take an umbrella policy if you belong to the middle or higher income strata.


While getting your homeowners’ insurance policy do not forget about safeguarding your high-value articles. Ensure extra protection and full coverage. Always remember that every company would be having a different set of rules but mostly coverage is quite extensive with no deductible. You may require getting an appraisal on all the articles you wish to schedule separately as a policy within your homeowners’ policy. You should never assume that your insurance company is giving you the best deal. You must shop around every couple of years. You simply need to make sure that you are having the best coverage possible for simply the best premium.

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