The Perfect Puff: Picking a Vaporizer That Fits Your Particular Needs

To many people considering quitting smoking in favor of vaping, the difference between e-cigarettes and vaping devices tends to not be very clear at first. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the nuances of the product range before heading in.

The Perfect Puff: Picking a Vaporizer That Fits Your Particular Needs
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There are different categories of product available

When people think of e-cigarettes, it’s usually the gas station check-out variety that they picture — the slim devices often made to resemble conventional cigarettes. These are usually made by the cigarette majors, come in a narrow range of flavors, and are usually a point of entry for those move on to higher-end vaping devices.

Once a vaper begins to fall in love with what these vaporizing devices can do, they usually move on to real vaping. These higher-end devices are often called advanced personal vaporizers or APVs, and offer a greater level of customization. You get to choose from thousands of kinds flavored liquid or dry herb, different nicotine levels (very low, usually), and devices that offer fast and precise power settings for exact control over vapor level. These devices can cost anything from $100 to several times as much, and can offer a very satisfying experience.

First, make your choice of vaping material 

When a person isn’t sure what kind of computer to buy, it’s usual to tell them to pick the software first. Once they know what software they will run, it’s easy to look up recommended hardware. It’s no different with buying a vaporizer. There are different kinds of vaping material available — everything from ready-packaged flavored liquids to dry herbs. Whatever kind of material you wish to vape, you should buy a vaporizer that’s well-suited to it.

In general, flavored concentrates are capable of delivering extremely potent hits with THC concentration levels as high as 90%. With dry herbs, potency tops out at 30%. Concentrates, then, deliver greater kick per inhalation.

Where will you do your vaping?

High-end portable and desktop models are able to handle liquids, oils, waxes and also dry herbs. A larger unit could make sense if you plan to only vape at home. There are dedicated units available for every kind of vaping material, as well. If you have a strong preference for one or another kind, a purpose-built unit would make sense.

In general, you should expect to spend a couple of hundred dollars for high-quality units that offer quick vaporizing action, precision and durability. Some higher-end units cost as much as $800, and are able to vaporize nearly anything, including cold water hash. They tend to offer additional features such as hookah-like water filters. Vaporizers that use concentrate tend to be cheaper.

Set some of your budget aside for accessories

People starting out with vaping often don’t realize that there is a thriving accessory market for vaporizers. If you’re planning to order, you might as well look at any accessories that you need, to save on shipping. If you’re getting a flower vape, for instance, a herb grinder would be a good idea. For concentrate users, a set of skillet tools can help make handling concentrate easier.

Read up on reviews

Resources such as Vaporizerblog offer detailed reviews of vaporizers. It can be useful to read up. Different models come with different strengths and weaknesses. Cleaning is important to prevent flavors from mixing, for example, and some models can be easier to clean than others. Yet others may be have easy controls, or may come with easily replaceable parts.

Now isn’t the time to go DIY

Many people believe that it’s likely to be an interesting DIY project to build their own vaporizer. It can seem simple enough — you need a heating element to vaporize concentrate or material, and some kind of control to adjust heat levels with.

While it isn’t hard to build something that puts out some heat, it certainly is hard to get precise control of the sort needed for safe vaping. It’s a good idea to choose a professionally built unit.

Finally, pay attention to the vaping material that you buy

There are thousands of flavors of vaping concentrate and flower out there, and it takes time to find the right product. It makes sense to try different products hands-on at a store. Vaping can be a very personal experience, and it can be hard to make a decision unless you spend time studying your choices.

Kiera Howell must have been one of the first to take to vaping when it hit the mainstream market. Often asked by friends and family for advice, she is now sharing her knowledge of vaping with an online audience.

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