11 Grossest Mistakes That Are Making Your Home Filthy

You like it or not, but cleaning is a kind of chore that can’t be avoided for long. But cleaning hard and regular doesn’t ensure your house to be spick-and-span either. It is the way you clean your house that matters. You just might be easily committing cleaning blunders that will muck up your efforts to make your house spotless.  Get to know common cleaning blunders and give home cleaning a new aspect that is better and followed by industry’s pros.

11 Grossest Mistakes That Are Making Your Home Filthy
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#1 Cleaning Bare-Handed 

Cleaning the dirty home surface with bare hand is a serious mistake even if it is a quick scrubbing of the sink. The chemicals can soak into your super absorbent skin. Even if the cleaning products are natural they tend to make your hands dry and coarse. Go for cloves lined with cotton instead of rubber or latex cloves. You’ll get a firm protective barrier that is quite comfortable too.

#2 Putting A Rinsed Toilet Brush Back Into The Holder

Bacteria breed on moisture. That said, it would be simpler for you to understand that putting a wet toilet brush back into the holder will make it a heaven for bacteria. So when next time you use the same brush to sanitize your toilet you will end up making it worse. So the trick is to get the toilet brush clean and dry before placing it back into its position.

#3 A Rinsed Sponge Doesn’t Mean It’s Clean

Sponge’s crevices are places where small little food particles stay and become a breeding ground for bacteria. So a simple rinse with hot water won’t make it clean. Make it a rule to toss the cleaning sponge into the dishwasher or heat them in a microwave – once or twice in a week. You can also use a sponge sanitizer to make it clean.

#4 Don’t Ignore Door Knobs, Handles, Buttons And Taps 

Another great place for germs and bacteria to stay is door knobs, handles, buttons and taps. Being the most touched areas of the house, you might be skipping them during your cleaning routine. You reach these points so many times a day, but never clean them. Just imagine the amount of filth clinging onto them. So make cleaning them with a good disinfectant a part of your routine.

#5 Using Laundry Stain Remover On Carpets

Laundry stain remover is never meant for removing stains on a carpet. Doing so can leave a slimy sticky residue behind. This residue becomes a magnet for dirt and filth. Instead use a spray meant specifically for stain removal on carpets.

#6 Over-Loading Your Dishwasher

You surely want to get the dishes done in one go, but that doesn’t mean stacking your dishwasher completely. This could diminish the working of your dishwasher and it won’t be able to give a thorough clean to the utensils. To clean your dishes properly evenly stack your dishware with plenty of room for the soap and water to reach each dish.

#7 Give Your Blender A Thorough Wash

Does your blender smell obnoxious with a mildew smell? This means you haven’t been cleaning it well. You might have closed the lid without properly drying it. To clean your blender properly just pour few drops of washing liquid along with warm water and switch the motor on. This will scrub the hard to reach areas like underneath the blades. Once washed with clean warm water, let it dry completely before putting the lid back.

#8 Never Spray Cleaning Solution Directly To The Surface 

Doing so worsens the surface making it a hotspot for dust. Besides, you get a tough to remove stain on the surface as well. Always spray the solution on the microfiber cloth and then go for scrubbing the surface.

#9 Mopping A Wooden Floor With Water

Hardwood and laminated floors should never be cleaned with water even though it is tempting get the dirt removed that way. Water is definitely an enemy of wood and brings harm to it. Instead, dry mob or vacuum the floor often or use slightly damp mob. If cleaning is a cumbersome task and you aren’t doing it right – it is then best to call in the experts to do the job. You’ll find home cleaning services very useful to give your home that consistent deep cleaning.

#10 Spraying Cleaners On Electronic Surfaces 

Never spray cleaners on electronic surfaces like TV, cell phones, computers or LCD screens. Just use a dry microfiber cloth to gently scrub off the dust. Using water or spraying solution can damage the electronics completely.

#11 Kitchen Gets Easily Dirtier Than A Bathroom 

Most of you are particularly careful with bathroom cleaning. You make it a point to get this part of the house sanitized meticulously. It’s easy to neglect the kitchen and that’s where most bacteria, germs and other harmful things grow. You might be overlooking small little details like the kitchen faucet, kitchen floor, chopping board, refrigerator handle etc. So make it a point to get your kitchen cleaned completely.

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