How Working Mothers can keep their Homes Clean

It is normal for working mothers to feel overwhelmed by their numerous responsibilities. After a hectic working day, they still need to get back home and prepare meals, help children with homework, give baths and get ready for the following day. Being organized involves keeping the home clean. A clean home improves functionality and comfort for everyone.

How Working Mothers can keep their Homes Clean
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Create a Cleaning Schedule 

Working mothers need to make a decision regarding how they want to clean their home as well as the amount of time they can dedicate to cleaning. This makes it possible to have an effective cleaning schedule and handle daily tasks. Doing some cleaning everyday or as often as possible will prevent the work form piling up.

Along with daily cleaning, it is important to schedule a day for major cleaning or what some people refer to as spring cleaning to thoroughly sanitize the home. Cleaning checklists enable you to keep track of the rooms that have been cleaned and ensure that all parts of the home are taken care of.

How Working Mothers can keep their Homes Clean
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Get Help 

If there are other people in the home who can help you clean, consider including them in your cleaning schedule. Assign cleaning and organizing tasks according to what each individual is able to do. Encourage teenagers to help around the house.

House cleaning is easier when you develop a routine. Do not be stressed or anxious about cleaning. Take your time to organize different areas as you gradually create a fresh and inviting living environment that you can all look forward to at the end of the day.

Bathroom and Kitchen 

  • Clean the bathroom by making sure that the toilet, shower, bath and sinks are thoroughly scrubbed. The bathroom can rapidly accumulate dirt and grime. It should ideally be cleaned on a daily basis.
  • Keep your kitchen spotless by ensuring that there are no dirty dishes piling up in the sink. You have the option of using a dishwasher or hand washing your dishes, depending on what you prefer. Greasy dishes can be soaked in soapy water for some time before washing. Always rinse and dry your dishes thoroughly before storing them.
  • Clean up kitchen appliances such as microwaves and ovens. Organize your kitchen cabinets neatly to make sure everything is easily accessible.


Clear away clutter in the bedrooms and ensure that the beds are always spread. Bed linen should be laundered regularly and the closet should be organized. If you find yourself spending a lot of time trying to find your clothes in the closet, it is time to sort out your items. Dust the room, mop the floors and vacuum the rug or carpet.

General Cleaning 

  • Make sure that all the floors around the house are mopped or vacuumed to prevent foul odor.
  • Dusty furniture can trigger allergic reactions, especially among young children and elderly individuals. You can use damp cloths and furniture polish to get rid of dust.
  • Choose the cleaners that you use in your home carefully and keep them out of reach if there are young children around. Select cleaning products that are suitable for your needs.
How Working Mothers can keep their Homes Clean
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