How to look Fashionable in a Classic Indian Outfit

While the sari is arguably the best known type of Indian women’s clothing, the salwar khameez is steadily becoming a popular fashion choice around the world. This is a traditional outfit that Indian women typically wear during festivals.

How to look Fashionable in a Classic Indian Outfit
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Salwar Khameez

For a contemporary look, many women are creative with their tunic, shirts and pants. They usually complete their outfit with a scarf that is traditionally known as a dupatta. The pants are typically tapered and are combined with a long shirt or tunic.

The salwar khameez is made from different fabrics, including cotton and silk. The beautiful stylish outfit can be worn by people who have different body types, sizes and shapes. Choose your salwar khameez outfit according to factors, such as fabric, colors and occasions.


Undergarments are the foundation of any fashionable outfit. Always wear comfortable and well-fitting undergarments under your clothes. Since a salwar khameez can be transparent, wearing an additional top that goes well with the color of your outfit is recommended.

Wearing the Salwar

The salwar or pants ideally consists of an elastic waist or drawstrings for adjustment. The drawstring will be located at the front of your pants. The pants are worn just like any other trousers and the drawstrings are pulled and tied to tighten the pants and keep them in place. Position the pants to ensure that they taper or flow accordingly.

Wearing the Tunic 

The other item in the outfit is the tunic or shirt. People usually wear the tunic after the pants. The style of the shirt will determine how you wear it. Some shirts have buttons while others are worn over the head. Wear your shirt carefully, especially if it is embroidered, beaded or ornate. Click here for the best Indian clothes online.


Heels and flat sandals are the main types of shoes that accessorize a salwar khameez. Shoes that you can easily slip on are the most ideal choice. If your shoes have straps, make sure that they are properly attached and tight enough to prevent them from slipping off as you walk.


The long scarf or dupatta can be worn in different ways. It is a common addition to the tunic and pants combination commonly referred to as salwar khameez. The draping style is usually based on the occasion. It can be draped around the neck as well as the shoulders with the ends handing down your back or chest, depending on what you prefer.

During religious ceremonies, the dupatta is usually over the head with the ends crossed over the shoulders. For formal occasions, the dupatta can be draped over the chest like a shawl. It can also be draped over your shoulder and secured with a pin.

Online Shopping 

Shopping online for Indian outfits is easy and convenient. There are various factors to consider when shopping for outfits such as salwar khameez. You need to think about the colors, fabrics and styles that you can choose from. You also need to consider the occasion and pick a suitable design for it.


Marsha Brown is a fashion consultant and freelance writer. She began writing 5 years ago as a way to reach out to more people and share information. She is passionate about fashion and style. Visit the site to find out more about where to buy Indian clothes online.

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