4 Elegant Bedroom Home Design Ideas

Bedrooms are one of the most private and intimate spaces where we retreat to every night and get rid of all the stress we endure throughout the day. It is for this reasons that the bedroom décor must to be cosy and soothing. Bedrooms come in a variety of styles and characters and the style that suits you depends upon your personal choices and preferences.

You might love the classic luxurious style bedroom, while someone else would prefer a modern minimalist look. So here we present some quick bedroom home design ideas that will help you transform your bedroom into your own little paradise!

4 Elegant Bedroom Home Design Ideas
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1. The Classic Look

To achieve a classic look for your bedroom, these classic 4 poster beds from Hudson can be complemented with a barley twist side table. Keep the colour tone low profile and choose the upholstery to match the aura of the classic furniture. To enhance the elegance of the classic look, you can place a Persian rug in front of the bed. So when you wake up in the morning, you place your feet on the rug and feel its warmth.

2. The Comfy Look

Your bedroom is where you’d want to cuddle up under the blanket for some ‘me-time’ while enjoying a cup of hot coffee or reading your favourite novel. For the perfect comfy look, choose a bed with upholstered high headboard. To add some more textures choose pillow covers that complement the style of the bed. The choice of colours would depend on your taste – so you can either choose soft greys or warm yellow or a combination of both. Try this look and make your bedroom feel more inviting and warm.

3. The Modern Minimalist Look

If you love the tidy minimalist look, keep the spaces within the room as open as possible. A modern bed with only a few essential furniture would be enough. The colour of the walls must be such that they reflect light. White is your best choice, however, other neutral tones might also work.

To add a touch of sophistication, add as much texture as possible. From blankets to pillow covers, rugs to lamp shades, textures are the secret to a luxurious modern bedroom. For storage, use only one side of the room (for instance, utilise the space behind the bed for maximum storage space) and leave the rest for free movement.

4. The Feminine Look

There is hardly anyone who understands colours like a woman. Though pink is usually associated with femininity, you need not fill the room with pink frills, laces, flowers, etc. Any soft hue such as mint green, beige, heather blue, etc. would to the trick. To give your room a feminine character, choose furniture with curves — a classic four poster bed in distressed white, a plush French-inspired Louis XV chair and a classic dresser with a Victorian style mirror would surely accentuate the feminine feel in your bedroom.

Follow these tips to give your bedroom

a stylish makeover like never before!

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