How to Consider Your Own EI (Emotional Intelligence)

EI or Emotional Intelligence is more important than ever. HR and hiring managers are actively looking into employee EI when hiring or choosing the right person for a promotion. In fact, recent studies by the University of Maryland and its master in business administration program reveal that companies whose employees have better EI are up to 34% more profitable.

How to Consider Your Own EI (Emotional Intelligence)
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You can do a quick assessment of your own emotional intelligence by answering a few simple questions. Do you recognize your emotions? Can you recognize others’ emotions and understand the way they are feeling in certain situations? Can you also identify the cause of your emotions and why they are triggering such an emotional response?

Those with good EI are known to handle criticism better, work better under pressure and can handle conflict or problems more effectively. People with good EI are also more empathetic, a quality needed when you want to be a good leader or manager.

You can learn more by checking out Emotional Intelligence and You – the University of Maryland’s complete infographic.

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